The Krone Experiment (2005)

There’s a nice sense of realism to this film, with a step-by-step investigation into a series of mysterious events revealing a physically-plausible threat to our very existence. So why haven’t you heard of it? Perhaps because it was made in Austin, Texas, on a shoestring. The problem with many of the low budget Science Fiction offerings […]

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Bad Taste (1987)

It took Peter Jackson and his friends four years to make this film. During that time, one of his cast got married and dropped out of the film – only to get divorced and return.  Another one died. They never really had a script, just worked out a few bits of business during the week […]

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Perfect Creature (2006)

Is alternate history actually Science Fiction? For that matter, is any movie featuring vampires SF, even if it offers us a genetic explanation for the condition? Whatever the case, Perfect Creature offers us a dark and elegant vision of a world where a genetic mutation led to the birth of an evolutionary improvement on the human race. […]

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Pixels (2015)

Right. So, you take a pretty good three-minute short that a lot of people loved and you turn it into a full-length movie.  Hey, we’re Hollywood, we do this sort of thing all the time. Of course, once you throw Adam Sandler into the mix, we know what we’re going to get:  yet another Adam […]

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Final Approach (1991)

It is really hard to classify this one. Or to know what to think about it. A pilot crashes during the test of a new active stealth system and finds himself in a psychiatrist’s office. Or is that what’s happening? This is yet another example of that rarity, the two-man movie (it’s interesting to note […]

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The Crazies (1973)

Most descriptions of this George Romero film portray it as yet another of his zombie films. It would be hard to find a description further from the truth. A plane crash has let loose a deadly experimental biowarfare virus on an unsuspecting Pennsylvania town.  Those exposed to it will either die horribly or descend into […]

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Planzet [Puranzetto] (2010)

My first thought on seeing this was that it was probably related to the interesting short, Negadon: The Monster from Mars. My second was a strong suspicion that I had actually seen it before. My first thought proved to be true as Jun Awazu directed both films. I’m not certain whether, as in Negadon, the dates […]

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Pyrokinesis [Kurosufaia](2000)

Aka Crossfire After a childhood of Saturday afternoons gloriously wasted on Japanese monster movies it sometimes seems hard to believe that Toho studios ever made anything else! Of course they did, and in fact they have an impressive number of high quality films to their credit (including Akira Kurosawa’s entire filmography). However, they also have […]

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Timebomb (1991)

This one was awfully familiar. We’ve seen it all before, the perfect secret agent produced by a Jason Bourne/Clockwork Orange brainwashing.  And on the whole it is a fairly good if familiar film. What distinguishes this one is the curious technique used in the brainwashing:  the hero (played by Michael Biehn), who thinks he’s watch […]

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