Terror Is a Man [aka Blood Creature] (1959)

Several reviewers have compared this film to those produced by horror great Jacques Tourneur.  Somehow, it isn’t exactly what you’d expect of a film about a scientist turning a panther into a man.  But it does more or less fit. What makes it even more interesting is that this was the first of the series of […]

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U.F.O. Abduction (1989)

Sometimes the story about a film is more interesting than the film itself. Back in 1989, Dean Alioto figured out a clever new way to make a low budget SF film.  He convinced a friend to give him $6500, hired a few Improv actors and, after several weeks of rehearsals, made one of the first found footage […]

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The Net [Project M7] (1953)

Somehow, when I first heard of this one, it sounded remarkably like the series of German SF films of the Thirties,  which started with F.P. 1.   Like them, we have the big, near term science fictional invention – in this case a prototype aircraft – a Thirties modern research facility, and at the heart of the […]

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Prey [Alien Prey] (1977)

The Mill Valley “50 Greatest” DVD sets always seem to include one or two films that are actually halfway interesting.  This is one of them. Somehow this one struck me as what one might have got when you combined one of Hammer films’ psychological thrillers with a science fiction film.  At least, one from the […]

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Alien Opponent (2010)

An alien crash lands in a junkyard.  A lot of people try to kill it.  Most of them die. There’s more to it than that, but that does mostly sum it up. There’s a pitch black sense of humor at work here, with the sympathetic characters and heartwarming story arcs getting killed off first, with the ingenuity […]

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Terminal Justice [Cybertech P.D.] (1996)

This is your basic 90s buddy cop revenge flick. Well, almost. The curious aspect here is that it is set against a detailed cyberpunk background with a lot of well-thought out technological developments, including cybernetic implants, unintentionally lethal VR videogames, virtual drug “analogs”, clones, assassin drones, super-soldier drugs, a cyber technology police department and, of course, […]

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Mutant Aliens (2001)

This is a strange, strange, strange little film.  It is as far from the Disney model of animation as it is possible to get, and it makes Ralph Bakshi’s edgy underground films look remarkably…conventional by comparison. At least as far as his animation style goes. It also borders on being pornographic – let’s call it […]

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