U.F.O. Abduction (1989)

Sometimes the story about a film is more interesting than the film itself. Back in 1989, Dean Alioto figured out a clever new way to make a low budget SF film.  He convinced a friend to give him $6500, hired a few Improv actors and, after several weeks of rehearsals, made one of the first found footage […]

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The Net [Project M7] (1953)

Somehow, when I first heard of this one, it sounded remarkably like the series of German SF films of the Thirties,  which started with F.P. 1.   Like them, we have the big, near term science fictional invention – in this case a prototype aircraft – a Thirties modern research facility, and at the heart of the […]

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Prey [Alien Prey] (1977)

The Mill Valley “50 Greatest” DVD sets always seem to include one or two films that are actually halfway interesting.  This is one of them. Somehow this one struck me as what one might have got when you combined one of Hammer films’ psychological thrillers with a science fiction film.  At least, one from the […]

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