After Death (2012)

As I watched this film and Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel back to back, I found myself thinking about a number of other rather similar unique films such as Earthbound, The Search for Simon, and The World’s End, and realized that the UK seems to have given birth to a new sub-genre of SF films. It has nothing […]

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Earthbound (2012)

It took several hours after I saw this one before it finally dawned on me that it resembled Martin Gooch’s 2013 comedy, The Search for Simon .  After all, both deal with a young man obsessed with events from his childhood that connect him to aliens from outer space. And yet there is surprisingly little in common between these […]

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The Search for Simon (2013)

Martin Gooch was just starting to get noticed for his marvelous debut film, Death (aka, After Death) when the Sci Fi London film festival decided to crowdsource their first feature film  – with Gooch at the helm. It’s a gentle little comedy about a young man, who has spent his life trying to find his brother […]

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