Sengoku machine GoShogun: toki no ihôjin [GoShogun: The Time Étranger] (1985)

(aka, GoShogun: The Time Stranger) There’s weird, then there’s Japanese Anime weird. And if you want proof you need look no further than GoShogun: The Time Étranger: here we have a children’s bright and colorful Giant robot television series, much in the vein of Voltron, which was adapted four years after the series ran into […]

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A Quiet Place Part II (2020)

I’m going to tell you something you already know: A Quiet Place Part II is not as good as the first film. It is hardly a surprise.  After all, the first film was a tour de force, the sort of film few mainstream directors try to make anymore.  John Krasinski set several major challenges for […]

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Blood Machines (2019)

“Seth Ickerman” — who is really the French directing duo, Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard — first came to my attention with the “trailer” for a film called “Ickerman,” which featured a dazzling combination of a high-tech future, a touch of Film Noir, and a lot of movie nostalgia.  I still hope they will get […]

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Trancers II (1991)

I’ll confess. I’ve avoided this film for a long time. After all, it was a sequel — and what’s more, a sequel made by Full Moon Features. Neither of those facts is exactly encouraging. Trancers actually came out under the Empire Pictures Banner, before Charles Band’s first production company went bankrupt. I suppose that’s why […]

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