Doomwatch (1972)

When one looks at the giants of British Horror Cinema, one notes that Hammer Films turned out an impressive number of SF films, including their remakes of the legendary Quatermass serials and far too many Bikini Cavegirl movies.  Their closest competitor, Amicus, while they never made quite so many, did in fact contribute two Dr. […]

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The Great Wall (2016)

Let’s make one thing clear from the start:  despite what a lot of people have said, this is NOT a Chinese film. It is, in fact an American one, even if it was filmed mostly in China, with a largely Chinese cast and a legendary Chinese director. But it is an understandable mistake:  more than […]

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I’ll Believe You (2006)

aka, First Time Caller   Okay, I like this one. Dale Sweeney is about to lose his dream.  His radio show isn’t attracting enough listeners and is about to be taken off the air.  And, even worse, he’s probably going to have to get a real job from his brother at “Hose World” So he tries […]

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Humanoid Monster, Bem the Movie [Yôkai ningen Bem] (2012)

“We are the Humanoid Monsters, “We cannot show ourselves to others, “These bodies that look like monsters, “We want to become humans soon, “Blow away the Dark Fate, “Bem!  Bela!  Belo! “The Humanoid Monsters!” “Yôkai” is a Japanese word used to describe a broad range of supernatural creatures:  it is sometimes translated as “demon” or […]

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Creature of Destruction (1967)

This is perhaps the best Larry Buchanan film I have ever seen. In fact, it comes halfway close to being reasonably good.  It’s amazing really. And, yes, it is one of the package of AIP TV films he directed, which were all remakes of AIP films from the fifties.  In this case, he’s ripping off […]

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The Brain (1988)

Far more years ago than I care to remember, there was some TV station or other which kept running a film over and over again which was (at the time) one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure movies:  Ed Hunt’s 1977 Starship Invasions.  It was a strange combination of Sun Classics UFO documentary and […]

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Valley of the Dragons (1961)

It was a decidedly strange moment.  The heroes of Valley of the Dragons look up in the sky and say that there’s a pterosaur.  But the creature we see is, in fact, very, very familiar.  Too familiar. Which is probably why no one else ever tried to pass off footage of Rodan as a pterodactyl. Even if […]

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