Circuito chiuso [Closed Circuit] (1978)

Honorable Mention This is an odd one. I struggle with finding some way to classify this one, but it just refuses to cooperate. I suppose you might label it a Giallo mystery — many have — but it doesn’t have any of the usual trappings of that Italian subgenre: we have no secret killer with […]

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Something in the Dirt (2022)

I had a sudden epiphany the other day and realized the correct term for one of Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson’s films is a “try-to-wrap-your-head-around-this-one.” It isn’t anything as simple as what is called the “mind (*Bleep*)”: after all, many of the films generally dumped in that category do not actually make sense as so […]

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La poupée [The Doll] (1962)

Curiouser and curiouser. This was my third early Sixties Italian science fiction film for the weekend. And, by far, the oddest. Even for the early Sixties. Now there are still a few little-known science fiction movies from the age before Lucas lurking out there which I haven’t seen yet.  But it isn’t always easy to […]

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Sneakers (1992)

Honorable Mention Now those of you who have seen Travelling Salesman (2012) will recognize that the huge mathematical breakthrough made in Sneakers by the genius mathematician Dr. Janek is in fact a solution to the classic P=NP problem. Not that it is ever called that.  Or that we are ever given more than the barest description […]

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The Fitzroy (2017)

It’s one of those big unanswered questions: Where will you go on your Honeymoon after the end of the world? To be fair, it wasn’t quite the end of the world.  A series of deadly bomb attacks flooded England with poison gas.  Most of the people died, or are stuck going around wearing gasmasks all […]

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Last Three Days (2020)

Look, I like rules. It’s part of the reason I enjoy science fiction, and it certainly plays a part in which horror and fantasy films I like as well. But the point is that any story has to operate within a certain set of rules, something which gives us a clear idea of what is […]

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Open Windows (2014)

Honorable Mention The hacker movie. It is one of those subgenres which has come and gone, often morphing into either the spy film or the political thriller, the virtual reality film, the runaway A.I. film, the stalker film, or other equally unlikely categories of film. It has also had a somewhat tenuous connection to science […]

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Los platillos voladores (1956)

(Literal translation: The Flying Saucers) Honorable Mention I’ll confess that Mexican cinema is one of those areas I haven’t spent much time exploring. Which, of course, means that I keep finding a few interesting films to watch. Heck, some of them, like El monstruo resucitado [Monster](1953), are quite good. Fortunately, I don’t have to do all […]

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Dual (2022)

One of the things that a lot of purists out there will not call science fiction are those works which are built around some big, all-important idea, with a world of sorts sort of thrown together around it. You can see the sort of thing I’m talking about in, say, The Hunger Games, although it […]

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