Los platillos voladores (1956)

(Literal translation: The Flying Saucers) Honorable Mention I’ll confess that Mexican cinema is one of those areas I haven’t spent much time exploring. Which, of course, means that I keep finding a few interesting films to watch. Heck, some of them, like El monstruo resucitado [Monster](1953), are quite good. Fortunately, I don’t have to do all […]

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Dual (2022)

One of the things that a lot of purists out there will not call science fiction are those works which are built around some big, all-important idea, with a world of sorts sort of thrown together around it. You can see the sort of thing I’m talking about in, say, The Hunger Games, although it […]

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Thirst (1979)

Honorable Mention There have been a lot of attempts to make scientifically plausible vampire stories. I’m sure you can probably think of some of the favorites: vampirism is a plague caused by a virus.  Vampires are aliens.  Vampires are mutants.  Vampires are monsters who have existed alongside man since the beginning of time. And I’m […]

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Vortex (1982)

It was called “No Wave Film.” Although that wasn’t the official name: it was borrowed from the No Wave underground music movement which was already growing at the time and involved many of the same people. Some people called it the “New Cinema,” which was actually the name of the theater which showed these films. […]

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Ovnis en Zacapa (2015)

(Literal Title: UFOs in Zacapa) Before we get started, there’s something here we need to point out: O.V.N.I. is an acronym for what we would call a UFO. It’s used in several languages, including French, Italian, Portuguese and even Spanish, which are close enough to each other that the acronym is the same in all […]

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Abigail (2019)

There are moments when the movie you are watching seems to eerily predict future events. Consider Abigail: here we have a Russian film released in 2019, set in an alternate, locked-in world, where everyone goes in terror of a mysterious disease which shows no symptoms in the infected. Not in its earliest stage, at least. […]

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The Dunwich Horror (1970)

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead] They should have called this one “Rosmary’s Yog Sothoth.” The Dunwich Horror was actually AIP’s third H.P. Lovecraft adaptation in seven years.  Mind you, Roger Corman was hoping to start a Lovecraft series of films — as he had with Edgar Allen Poe — when he made The Haunted Palace, based on […]

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Island of Lost Women (1959)

I’m sure there’s a nicer word for it than “rip-off,” but the unofficial remake has been with us for a long time and for good reason: After all, you know the original story was successful, so making your own version of it should increase the odds that your film (or book or play or whatever) […]

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Zipang [Jipangu] (1990)

Honorable Mention As I’ve noted before, the Heisei era at Toho, starting with the release of Godzilla 1985, was a rather strange time for Toho’s Tokusatsu films, one where it felt as if they were desperately trying to figure out what they were doing.  After all, they started the era with the return of the […]

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