Sea Fever (2019)

Somehow it is very hard to classify this one. I don’t just mean because of the rather serious tone which suggests a drama rather than a horror film — although that certainly is a factor. It is the curious nature of the story itself: a young woman biologist is assigned to do some research aboard […]

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Happy Feet (2006)

[Spoilers Ahead!] Happy Feet…A science fiction film? Don’t be silly. However, it is an unacknowledged remake of a classic Science Fiction film from the Seventies. Or of one of many other, basically similar science fiction films about alien encounters. Okay, you’ve see animated films before so you know the sort of thing: a kid who […]

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Drawing Flies (1996)

Honorable Mention (Well it might be Science Fiction, if you stick around long enough.  Wait and see) Kevin Smith made a Bigfoot film? Well…not quite.  He only produced it.  It is in his View Askew Universe, and was produced by View Askew Productions.  Two of his friends, Malcolm Ingram and Matt Gissing, wrote and directed, […]

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UFO Phil: The Movie (2008)

“Can you keep a secret?” It starts so well. The director, Les Michaels (who is actually played by, ummm, the real-life director, Eric Lee Huffman, only under the name “Rick Still.”  Just go with it), steps in front of the camera to explain that what we are about to see was filmed by hundreds of […]

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The Dark (1979)

(Spoilers ahead!) Tobe Hooper’s career as a horror director wasn’t exactly littered with good choices. The Dark was definitely one of them. After all, he decided to leave the project early on. What we got seems routine enough — if you don’t look too closely.  We have the girl scientist who gets the reluctant guy […]

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Alabama’s Ghost (1973)

Honorable Mention (Well, some of it is Sci Fi..) This is a totally bizarre, silly, and  wild little film.  It seems a shame so few people have heard of it, let alone seen it. No real summary of the film can do it justice.  A janitor at a Jazz club accidentally discovers a secret trove […]

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Phantasm: Ravager (2016)

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!) Phantasm would seem to be the Platonic ideal of a movie — or a movie franchise — that was exactly the sort of borderline, off-beat, non-traditional science fiction film this site is always looking for. And yet I have never reviewed any of the films in the series. Until now, that is. […]

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Henge [Metamorphosis] (2011)

Honorable Mention This one is strange. And rather disturbing. A young man keeps having these weird seizures where he howls and jumps about uncontrollably.  It’s as if something is taking him over and it keeps getting worse. Then he starts transforming — at first just an arm or a leg — during these fits into…something. […]

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