Japanese Diesel Punk Action Film.  With Death Rays by Tesla

Existential..unease?  Beautiful but light on the dread

Silliest Kaiju Eiga film ever made.  No wonder you never heard of it

A dazzling DIY movie set in an odd corner of The Matrix universe.

Eerie, unsettling and dream-like horror film.  …Is that a light saber?

Dog Soldiers.  With Robots.

An endless supply of free energy.  Yeah, right…

Insane retro-junk robot comedy.

The deadliest carnivore known to man:  dogs in wigs!

Two mad scientists, no waiting.  And one of them is Rod Steiger!

Shot on Super 8 by a bunch of kids in the Seventies!

The film that defined Godzilla’s career for the next decade and a half!

William Shatner vs. an army of spiders

Stunningly beautiful and way too long.

Polish/Soviet Raiders of the Lost Ark rip-off.  Absurd fun

Yet another Albert Pyun post-Apocalyptic kickboxing movie.  With horses

The Indian E.T., complete with Disney family movie cheating-at-sports moment.

Near classic Asimov adaptation from the last days of the Evil Empire.

The legendary monster gets the Legendary treatment.

Michael Gough makes a mountain out of a monkey

Science heavy Indie SF

We only have a week to teach our Robot Army Kung Fu!