Japanese Diesel Punk Action Film.  With Death Rays by Tesla

Stunning Metal Hurlant style French CGI epic.  But why so much brown?…

Existential..unease?  Beautiful but light on the dread

Silliest Kaiju Eiga film ever made.  No wonder you never heard of it

Ever wonder how Godzilla smells?  Too bad you missed the theme park ride!

  •  Kaleidoscope Man (2019)

See Invasion Planet Earth

Witty French black comedy. Who doesn’t want to zap TV announcers?

Dazzling Satiric German thriller — but only 7 years in the future…

A dazzling DIY movie set in an odd corner of The Matrix universe.

Eerie, unsettling and dream-like horror film.  …Is that a light saber?

  • The Kidnapping of a Wizard (1989)

See Pokhishcheniye charodeya

Dog Soldiers.  With Robots.

An endless supply of free energy.  Yeah, right…

  • Killbots (1986)

See Chopping Mall

Italian Jaws rip-off. With a giant crocodile. Not bad

Avoid.  Please.  You’ll thank me

  • KILLER FORCE (1975)

See Psychic Killer

Insane retro-junk robot comedy.

The deadliest carnivore known to man:  dogs in wigs!

I don’t think they’ll be putting that printer file up on the web…

  • The Killing Bottle (1967)

See Kokusai himitsu keisatsu: Zettai zetsumei

Everyone sent there dies! Robert Emenegger’s first film

The greatest Science Fiction comedy ever made.  Ku!

Indiana Jones anime ripoff.  God is a giant caterpillar???

Two mad scientists, no waiting.  And one of them is Rod Steiger!

A classic of classics.  One of the greatest adventure films ever

Shot on Super 8 by a bunch of kids in the Seventies!

  • King Kong Escapes (1967)

See Kingu Kongu no gyakushû

The film that defined Godzilla’s career for the next decade and a half!

  • King of Snakes (1984)

See Da she wang

  • King of the Streets (1986)

See Alien Warrior

William Shatner vs. an army of spiders

Stunningly beautiful and way too long

Can Kong defeat MechaniKong and… Doctor Who??…

Can sad and grubby repairman Des Kinvig save us from the alien Xux?…


See Psychic Killer 

  • Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1966)

See Se tutte le donne del mondo… (Operazione Paradiso)

Polish/Soviet Raiders of the Lost Ark rip-off.  Absurd fun

Yet another Albert Pyun post-Apocalyptic kickboxing movie.  With horses

The Indian E.T., complete with Disney family movie cheating-at-sports moment.

A Japanese Bond Clone? No, it’s far more fun than that!

Terror at a remote, Arctic base — Only it’s Russian

The strange world you visit in comas

Greek bargain basement Tron copy.  With Dracula, zombies and a mad scientist

Near classic Asimov adaptation from the last days of the Evil Empire.

The legendary monster gets the Legendary treatment.

Michael Gough makes a mountain out of a monkey

Mad Scientist embiggens a Giant Ape.  In low budget

Like Yellow Submarine.  Only shorter.  And Russian

  • Kra Deub (2010)

See Cool Gel Attacks

Full Moon’s second Godzilla copy.  Silly fun!

Beautiful adaptation of the Karel Čapek novel. Stunning and surreal

Science heavy Indie SF

Swords, horses, magic, giant spiders and…a huge spaceship?

  • Kuan Yu Battles with the Aliens (1976)

See Zhan shen

We only have a week to teach our Robot Army Kung Fu!

Lovely futuristic fantasy by Czech master animator, Jiri Trnka…

The Japanese Kaiju Eiga version of Jaws.  But it’s not for kids