Inferno (2002)

I stumbled on this one by accident. When I was writing my review of Michael Pohl’s short film, Ausgestorben, I tried to locate a DVD version of Pohl’s feature film, Vortex, which included the earlier short.  I knew it was on the German version (which has no subtitles) but not on the American DVD.  However, I was […]

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Ausgestorben [Extinct] (1995)

I just cannot believe this was a student film. Or, for that matter, a short film. The visuals are stunning.  Sure, some of it was finding good locations, or redecorating them in surprisingly effective ways.  But even big budget films struggle to look this good. It was made by a German film student named Michael […]

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Vortex (2001)

Short films are so hard to find. There was a bit of word of mouth going around about this film and director Michael Pohl’s earlier short film, Extinct, when I first started looking for films online. And here it is, about Fifteen years since I first started looking for Vortex, and over Twenty years since […]

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Dragon’s Heaven (1988)

When any new form of media arrives, there are always a lot of inventive ways devised to make use of them. Mind you, a lot of them don’t last very long. One of the odder ones — and, curiously, one that outlived the media type that spawned it — was the OVA. OVA stands for […]

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Monsterland (2016)

Ah, yes, the anthology film. The truth is, it’s been around for a long time, one can even point at the silent horror classics, Destiny (1921, directed by Fritz Lang) and Paul Leni’s 1924 film, Waxworks, as two of the earlier examples.  I really have no idea what movie was the first anthology film, nor […]

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First Men on the Moon (2017)

You can tell a lot about someone by what he does when he has a bit of spare time on his hands. Now most of are going to sit back and do something incredibly challenging like going fishing, or playing videogames, or watching football. But, if you are Brett Piper, perhaps the greatest living stop […]

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Waiting for Gorgo (2009)

Buried deep in the bowels of the British Ministry of Defense bureaucracy at Whitehall, the mysterious agency D.M.O.A has survived for almost Sixty years, even if it has now dwindled to no more than two employees.  But what does it do, and why is it still funded after all these years? And who is the […]

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