Futuropolis (1984)

It’s amazing how many films came out on VHS and have never been re-released. Which isn’t to say that many — or even most — of them don’t deserve to languish in obscurity. But thanks to the wonders of Youtube, a lot of films that were just a whisper heard here or there, a comment […]

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King Kong (1978)

If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend that you check out the short film Super 8 Daze, by Rob Hampton. He’s a professional filmmaker who made a lot of short documentary films about pop culture, things like The Gong Show, The Planet of the Apes and  those classic Aurora model kits kids my age […]

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Destroyer of Worlds (2018)

When you watch an Indie film, you never quite know what to expect. Case in point: Destroyer of Worlds, a film which ran at this year’s Miami Sci Fi convention. When Samual Dawes, its director and co-writer sent me a screener, he asked me to keep in mind its low budget and that his crew […]

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Doctor Who Anime (2011)

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a short film. In fact, there are untold numbers of them floating around, although few of them are really noteworthy.  Many are poorly made, or worse, poorly written, some are vanity projects, and quite a few are nothing more than demo projects, showing off, say, the director’s exploding […]

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