The Vesuvius Xperiment (2015)

If you haven’t heard of Joshua Kennedy by now, you should have. Really.  It’s your own fault. Joshua is one of a growing number of young filmmakers who turn out remarkable films for next to nothing, the garage bands of the film world.  He is also one of the more accomplished of that small but […]

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Time Trap (2013)

The challenge with science fiction comedy isn’t just making it all funny:  a really good SF comedy has to drag in a few interesting SF ideas as well. Time Trap offers us an inept spaceship pilot and archaeologist whose ship malfunctions and dumps him on a desolate planet (complete with some very familiar ruined buildings). […]

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Plug (1998)

Back in 2000, the SciFi Network (yes, they spelled it right back then) had a short-lived short film show called Exposure.  It showed a mixture of SF, horror, fantasy and experimental films. It was one of those shows I always taped because of the large amount of padding – and because there really weren’t a lot of good SF […]

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Dinosaur Chronicles (1999)

You just can’t be sarcastic about a Polonia Brothers film. Yes, we know that the “cruise ship” is their living room.  Yes, we know that’s probably their house, and that 1987 Mustang convertible showed up in Feeders.  Yes, it’s pretty much like someone took their home movie footage and stuck in a few bits with dinosaurs […]

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George Lucas in Love (1999)

Ever wonder how George Lucas dreamed up Star Wars? Well, I’m reasonably sure that this film doesn’t have the answer, but what we have instead is a wonderfully witty little short which dares to present its own warped vision of George’s attempts to write the original Star Wars script back in 1967, mixed with his romance […]

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12:01 PM (1990)

Richard A. Lupoff, who wrote the original story on which this short film was based, considered suing the makers of Groundhog Day for plagiarizing his story. It is easy to see why. The idea is very similar, with a man who realizes he is living the same hour of his life over and over again. […]

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P.L.U.G. (2014)

David Levy, who created production art for an incredible number of science fiction films, directed this marvelous little short film. In a mere Seventeen minutes, it creates an incredibly rich and detailed world, introduces us to the last surviving human being on Earth and her robot best friend only to introduce sudden violence, a mysterious human being […]

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