Doctor Who Anime (2011)

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a short film. In fact, there are untold numbers of them floating around, although few of them are really noteworthy.  Many are poorly made, or worse, poorly written, some are vanity projects, and quite a few are nothing more than demo projects, showing off, say, the director’s exploding […]

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Moonshot (2016)

This is a very solid piece of work. Here we have a retro-Eighties short SF film, which manages in a very short span — a mere 21 minutes — to establish two interesting characters, build a fascinating future, throw in a bit of conflict, a few fights, and a trip to the moon in a […]

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ZVP (2017)

Among the most loved of all those Japanese Chanbara (Samurai and sword fighting) films is the series about a blind master swordsman and masseur named Zatoichi.  He was played with a great deal of humor and human warmth– not to mention incredible swordsmanship — by the great Shintaro Katsu. And I must say, it is […]

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Sand Whale and Me (2017)

There was a certain amount of fuss over this one — made to celebrate the Twentieth anniversary of Cartoon Network’s Toonami block, it also marked Mamoru Oshii’s first production for American TV, albeit made by the Japanese animation powerhouse, Production I.G. However, while this one is frequently described as a combination of live action and […]

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