Feeders 2: Slay Bells (1998)

Two years after Feeders became a certified direct to video hit (as Blockbuster’s number one Independent film rental of the year) the Polonia Brothers made a sequel of sorts. This is a seriously strange film. Feeders, for all the inevitable flaws of a film made for next to nothing, was more or less a straightforward aliens invade and kill […]

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Galaxy (1986)

(AKA Battle for the Lost Planet, Galaxy Destroyer) Brett Piper‘s second feature is a huge improvement over his first. Well, mostly.  It doesn’t have as many stop motion monsters.  And that is, of course, what we really want to see in one of his films:  lots of monsters. But don’t worry.  They’re in there, along with […]

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Monster a-Go Go (1965)

Wisconsin based filmmaker, Bill Rebane, got his career off to a good start with his successful documentary short, “Twist Craze” (1962), only to see his next project come to a sudden and disastrous end. Terror at Halfway was his first attempt at a science fiction or horror film – although not, by far, his last – […]

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The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

This is a seriously flawed movie.  I’ll admit that. But we already knew that because it appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I suspect that The Giant Spider Invasion was an attempt to make a Fifties creature feature in the Seventies.  Admittedly, it reminds one more of the worst and silliest Fifties monster movies, but it […]

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It Came from Yesterday (2011)

There’ve been a lot of retro SF films out there which have tried to catch some of the unique flavor of SF film from past eras. While most of these have been Fifties retreads, there have been a fair number which hearken back to the 1930s.  Off hand, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, […]

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Virtual Revolution (2016)

Sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective. Virtual Revolution has garnered a fair number of quite negative reviews and yet there are also a fair number of reasonably positive ones out there (which was my general impression as well).  However, there was one thing I noted the more negative reviewers had in common – they all seemed to […]

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Port Sinister (1953)

This one usually gets lumped with another RKO film from the year before, Captive Women:  both were written and produced by Jack Pollexfen (who did the same for a far superior 1951 film, The Man from Planet X); both are quite short, just over an hour; and both were very cheap. This is the lesser film of […]

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The Invisible Woman (1940)

It is rather hard to grasp.  The mind shudders a bit from the attempt. H.G. Wells’ original novel, The Invisible Man – and its 1933 movie version – is a rather serious affair, which ends with the main character descending into madness and murder.  Somehow, though, by the time Universal made its second sequel, it became […]

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Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m a sucker for this kind of movie. I’ll concede my first reaction to the trailers was that their Kong was ridiculously big.  Godzilla sized.  But then he’d have to be, if he’s going to go on and fight Godzilla in that future movie they’re promising us. But the curious thing […]

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