The Rift: Dark Side of the Moon (2016)

This is a strange one, folks. It is also not what you think it is.  After all, most of the canned descriptions start with events which are not disclosed until most of the way into the film. Which, I suppose, is what you have to do to find a simple narrative which explains what this […]

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Breach (2020)

(aka Anti Life) What is it with all the zombies? I mean, we have zombie comedies, zombie dramas, zombie romances, zombie TV shows, Zombie father/daughter movies (with Arnie, no less!) zombies arena fighting, zombies who run, crawl or are afraid of the dark, and even a zombie heist film. And, let’s face it, there are […]

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Colour from the Dark (2008)

H. P. Lovecraft. A lot of filmmakers have tried to adapt his work, and the results have been…mixed.  At best. Of all his stories, i suspect that none have been filmed quite so often as “The Colour Out of Space.”  Not only have we seen Richard Franklin’s stunning 2019 version, but there was an interesting […]

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The Being (1983)

It’s one of those Eighties things. Here we have a threadbare, low-budget Eighties creature feature, but it has Martin Landau, Jose Ferrer and, of all unimaginable things, Ruth Buzzi. The same film today would probably star such notables as Eric Roberts or Dean Cain, who are best know for making these sorts of films. The […]

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Brainblast (1987)

Look, there is a basic rule every filmmaker trying to make a drug culture film should follow: Don’t make it while you are high. There are a lot of things — an incredible, almost unimaginable number of things — which may seem like a great idea when you are stoned that just don’t work once […]

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Bikini Planet (2002)

It’s a bad sign, when you are watching a movie on the excellent Youtube channel Creature Features (which offers a lot of rare and weird horror films), and the host ends the show by awarding the director of that week’s offering a trophy for “Worst Film We’ve Ever Run.” A trophy he assures us has […]

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Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018)

It’s true. Anytime Simon Pegg and Nick Frost produce a movie, I will undoubtedly make an effort to see it. Now, I’ll admit not all of them have been good — particularly not the ones without Edgar Wright on board to direct.  But they are gifted actors and comics and have backed quite a few […]

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The Untold [Sasquatch] (2002)

It’s strange. B-Movie favorite Lance Henricksen appeared in two Bigfoot movies within a few years of each other? Just to make it more confusing, the other film, Devil on the Mountain (2006) is also known as Sasquatch Mountain, while this one is sometimes called Sasquatch. In fact, my first attempt to find this film after I […]

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Frenchman’s Farm (1987)

(Honorable Mention) This is not a science fiction film. I know it has been filed under that heading: after all, it does feature time travel and that’s a concept which has been science fiction from its beginning.  Instead this little seen Ozploitation film is something quite different. A young woman’s car breaks down somewhere far […]

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