Downdraft (1996)

I sometimes find myself wondering what went wrong with some of these films. After all, they had so much to work with here! I suppose that’s why it comes as no surprise that this was a TV movie — or that it was a Canadian/Czech co-production. Now, just to be clear, we aren’t talking about […]

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Sky Pirates (1986)

Raiders of the Lost Ark has to be one of the most copied films of all time. You don’t have to look too hard to find copies made in the US — offhand one thinks of The Jewel of the Nile, King Solomon’s Mines and High Road to China, but it isn’t much harder to find […]

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Mulgoe [Monstrum] (2018)

Mulgoe combines two very different types of movies: the lavish historical epic of the sort that the Chinese film industry has been making lately, built around political machinations, a serious threat against Imperial power and a heroic figure who steps in to support the Emperor at great cost –and the monster movie. I have to […]

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