Melocotones [Peaches](2017)

Love. Fail. Repeat! There is a very curious credit at the beginning of this film, that tells us it is based on Hugh Sullivan’s film, The Infinite Man. The implications seem almost impossibly strange, particularly for an independent film:  A remake?  Of a film three years old? Toto, we’re not in Oz anymore. But that isn’t what […]

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Land Shark (2017)

It’s a little hard to explain the appeal of the Polonia Brothers‘ films to the uninitiated.   More like “really hard”, actually. For more than thirty years, they’ve been making some of the the worst films ever to get a professional release.  However, the strange thing is that, if you’ve seen one Polonia Brothers film, you’ve […]

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Defective (2017)

Perhaps it is in the future, perhaps it is happening not too far from us and not too far from now. Fear.  The fear of violence, chaos and disorder:  it has driven the people of one state to institute the ultimate solution to their fears, constant surveillance and an army of cyborg protectors to stop anyone who […]

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The Aftermath (1982)

Can you say “vanity project?” Steve Barkett wrote, directed, produced and starred in two low budget movies, of which this was his first. More than anything else, it resembles The Planet of the Apes, with perhaps a touch of The Omega Man and a few other equally 1970s films thrown in. And perhaps the 1970s […]

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