Planet of Dinosaurs (1977)

Back in 1977, a group of young special effects artists got together to make a science fiction film, Planet of Dinosaurs. Now this is one of those films you can’t watch with any illusions:  they didn’t have much cash, their no-name cast isn’t particularly good, the script is just as bad, and there’s a lot of […]

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Ganheddo [Gunhed] (1989)

James Cameron once described Gunhed as one of his favorite B-Movies. I have to agree with that assessment. Yeah, I know a lot of people out there have called this one terrible, or claim that they can’t understand the plot.  Frankly, that puzzles me, as it seems to be a mostly straightforward sort of affair: […]

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A Living Dog (2019)

“Realism is a form of hypocrisy. We are telling stories that take place in simulated worlds. Genre films like scifi, fantasy or horror are just more honest about that.” “I wanted to make A LIVING DOG not only because I love genre films and independent films but also because I admire silent movies and the […]

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Vinyl (1965)

There’s “odd” and then there’s Andy Warhol “odd.” Warhol had a rather strange notion of film, where you ignored all the things typical moviemakers do and just focused on putting things on film.  I suppose he’d talk about immediacy or honesty, but as those things included not just props, scenery or fancy editing, but rehearsals, […]

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The Dead Don’t Die (2019)

Let’s see if we got this right: The zombie Apocalypse is caused by… Pumping water into the ground. Ummmmmmm… Right. Okay, it’s referred to as “POLAR FRACKING” (cue sinister organ chord) and is meant to be be scary.  Really scary.  Somehow it changed the Earth’s rotation.  But ultimately that’s all fracking is: Pumping water into […]

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