The Show Must Go On (2010)

I’ll confess, I was a little surprised when this film was chosen as a selection for the Sci Fi London Festival some years ago and learned that it had been made in Croatia. It’s true that world class movies are being made in more and more places these days. Still, it doesn’t seem that long […]

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Wilder Napalm (1993)

Firestarter as a romantic comedy? Well, yes, more or less.  Although it is as much about the relationship between two feuding brothers as it is about the romantic triangle that kindles (sorry, you can’t help it with this sort of film) their long-smoldering (see what I mean?) resentment against each other. And I suppose it does […]

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Mutant Hunt (1987)

So, we’re going to hire a mercenary to hunt down some…ummmmmm…“Mutant Androids” that are ten times stronger than a normal man, so naturally we’re going to hire the guy who is going to fight them with… His bare hands. I suppose it would make more sense if you knew this one was directed by Tim […]

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The Killer Eye (1999)

“…an Alternate Universe…” “…Like New Jersey?” This is officially the best line in the movie. You now have no reason to watch it. Really.  I mean it.  None whatsoever.  Nada.  Zip.  Stay away from this thing. I watched this because someone said it was so bad it was good.  Nope,  Not a chance.  Just bad. […]

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