The Man Without a Body (1957)

Here we have one of those great Fifties stereotypes:  the world famous genius scientist and doctor, immensely respected in his profession, acclaimed as one of the greatest experts of his age; a sober, dedicated man trying to find new ways to save the lives of his patients; a deeply ethical and responsible researcher who puts […]

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Patrick (1978)

I was somewhat amused to note that IMDB lists this one as a “romance” (as well as Horror and SF):  After all, we’re talking about a comatose patient who has developed impressive telekinetic powers, thanks to his current state, and is using them to harass anyone who gets too close to the nurse he has […]

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I’ll Believe You (2006)

aka, First Time Caller   Okay, I like this one. Dale Sweeney is about to lose his dream.  His radio show isn’t attracting enough listeners and is about to be taken off the air.  And, even worse, he’s probably going to have to get a real job from his brother at “Hose World” So he tries […]

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The Sender (1982)

A mysterious amnesiac tries to commit suicide in a spectacular – if not particularly effective – way.  When he’s taken to a mental hospital for treatment, his doctor starts experiencing a series of strange events which she soon suspects her John Doe #83 caused. Telepathy keeps showing up in the movies for better or worse, […]

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Humanoid Monster, Bem the Movie [Yôkai ningen Bem] (2012)

“We are the Humanoid Monsters, “We cannot show ourselves to others, “These bodies that look like monsters, “We want to become humans soon, “Blow away the Dark Fate, “Bem!  Bela!  Belo! “The Humanoid Monsters!” “Yôkai” is a Japanese word used to describe a broad range of supernatural creatures:  it is sometimes translated as “demon” or […]

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Space Trucker Bruce (2014)

Space travel is boring. There.  We said it.  Not that it is a real surprise:  after all, those live TV broadcasts of space missions, where every trivial action required a complicated exchange with Mission Control, were already ripe for parody in 1979 when John Lurie threw together his No Wave film, Men in Orbit. But the […]

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Bacterium (2007)

“Don’t do that!  Didn’t you see The Blob?” This one, despite a title which suggests something more Romero is actually Brett Piper‘s loving homage to The Blob.  Not that he doesn’t get more than a touch of George Romero in there as well. Of course, this is the Blob by way of the 1988 remake, a […]

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