The Stuff (1985)

Larry Cohen seems to have earned himself a reputation as a horror director in the Eighties, despite the fact that he only made a handful of horror films.  Enough of a reputation, at least, that he got a chance to direct a “Masters of Horror” episode back in the Nothings. He is best remember for […]

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Blade Runner 2049

Bleak. Stunning.  Beautiful.  Dazzling. Emotional. Intelligent. Stylish. Perhaps the best SF film anyone has made in a long, long time. But yes, bleak. I never expected that I’d end up going to see a Blade Runner sequel in the theaters.  The original was a strange, unrepeatable effort, a film that, as dazzling as it might […]

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From Hell It Came (1957)

(Dis)Honorable Mention Yes, this is the legendary bad film with the walking tree monster.  Not that it is as bad as the legends suggest.  It’s actually fairly good as low budget Fifties horror/SF goes.  Except for that tree monster, which is just absurd.  The thing can barely move and the rest of the cast are […]

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Seksmisja [Sexmission] (1984)

In a world where it is impossible to openly speak your mind, science fiction is sometimes one of the few refuges for those who dare to criticize the system. This was the role it played in the Communist nations of the Twentieth century.  While failing to comply with the latest State shibboleths could destroy the […]

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