Shark Side of the Moon (2022)

Originals. Every streaming platform feels the need to put them out right now, it seems. But a free streaming platform like Tubi? Okay, I’m worried. You have to think about the economics of this all: they’re giving away their content, after all, and they already have one of the largest and most diverse catalogs in […]

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Death Collector 1988)

Right. Westerns. Let’s face it, they’re dead and gone.  People keep trying to revive them, we’ve got one or two good movies along the way, but the reality is, the Western is dead.  Finished.  Kaput. Which didn’t stop people from trying to make space Westerns, like Outland, Space Rage, Oblivion, and (best of all) Firefly.  Nor […]

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Voodoo Man (1944)

It’s almost refreshing, really. We’ve seen so many of these mad scientist films which decided that it would be a great idea to throw in a bit of voodoo.  Heck, I just reviewed Al Adamson’s amusingly awful Blood of Ghastly Horror (1967). They all love to tell us about the scientific marvels hidden in native […]

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Konga TNT (2020)

And once again I watched a movie I was never, ever going to watch. Let’s face it: I’ve seen Brett Kelly’s movies before.  Well, to be precise, I’ve seen one of his movies, Raiders of the Lost Shark (2015), it just feels like I’ve seen a lot more of them because that one is so bad. […]

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Gentlemen Explorers (2013)

(aka, Young Gentlemen Explorers) I like this one. I’ll warn you, though: it is decidedly minimal.  After all, it was made by a backyard DIY filmmaker with more imagination than money. And, yes, I will be making allowances for that. Now I will point out that its minimal nature means that it feels a bit […]

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Atomica (2017)

(aka, Deep Burial, Half Life) The real star of Atomica is the Cold War nuclear missile bunker where it was shot. It seems a particularly apropos setting as nuclear energy is a persistent theme throughout the film. A major nuclear plant disaster destroyed several cities and left the area around a devastated wasteland.  But the […]

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Blood of Ghastly Horror (1967)

(aka, Fiend with the Electronic Brain) I never particularly paid any attention to Al Adamson before. After all, there were a lot of low budget American filmmakers of the Sixties, and about the only one of his films I knew I’d seen was Dracula vs. Frankenstein, thanks to a friend with an obsession with Lon […]

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