Prospect (2018)

Noise. Banging, clunking, grinding, metal on metal, screeching and shuddering. We have this strange notion that space travel would be perfectly silent.  After all, there is no noise in the vacuum of space. Yet big machines are still going to make vibrations that will carry through the fabric of the space vessel and fill it […]

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Teenage Monster (1958)

(aka Meteor Monster) Today I learned that falling meteorites look just like burning sparklers. Or at least, that’s what the one in Teenage Monster looks like (and, in fact, that is what they used for the effect!).  But fortunately, we get it out of the way right off the bat so we don’t have to […]

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The Ape Man (1943)

Mad scientists just aren’t like the rest of us. Just to give you an example, most of us aren’t willing to test out some new scientific development on ourselves, no matter how sure we are that it is going to work. And if we do, and we end up as some half-man, half ape thing, […]

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Return of the Ape Man (1944)

Let’s make this clear: this one has nothing whatsoever to do with Bela Lugosi’s 1943 film from Monogram, The Ape Man. This is hardly unheard of when we are talking about horror films from the Thirties and Forties, as neither Doctor X nor The Spider Woman had much to do with the “sequels” that bore […]

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