Foes (1977)

It’s always a pleasant surprise when someone locates some forgotten but interesting little film and makes it available once again.  In this case, Garagehouse Pictures turned up this minor gem, an independent film directed by a young man who would become a special effects expert, which no one noticed during its brief UK theatrical run […]

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Unknown Island (1948)

I haven’t thought about this one in a long time. It is actually one of the movies I own, as it was part of my Dad’s old collection, but it has been some time since I watched it. But clips of the film showed up in a Mexican horror film I watched not too long […]

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Timemaster (1995)

Before we get started, let me call your attention to one curious fact: Timemaster was directed by James Glickenhouse and stars Jesse-Cameron Glickenhouse. What an amazing coincidence, right? And, yes, if you are still wondering, Jesse is the director’s son. Not that you would have much doubt about that after the first twenty minutes or […]

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