Clockmaker (1998)

(aka Timekeeper) I have to confess that I find the idea of children’s films put out by Full Moon Features to be a very strange notion.  But, for a brief moment, they did release a fair number of them under the Moonbeam Pictures name. As far as I know, none of them have deadly puppets, […]

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Yesterday Last Year (2017)

It’s always the garage, isn’t it? When some driven young scientist or engineer decides to create some radical new invention, it’s always in the garage (okay, okay, I can think of one movie where the secret invention was up in the attic, but that was a 1984 Czech children’s film).  We’ve seen a lot of […]

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Nova Seed (2016)

You have to see this one. As I’ve noted before, most animated films these days are stuck in the rut of Pixar.  Every major animated film out there, it seems, has to be CGI — and clean, semi-realistic CGI at that.  Only a few movies (outside of Japan where the official style is Miyazaki-lite) dare […]

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Cave Women on Mars (2008)

Somehow it seemed inevitable back in the Fifties and Sixties.  Every time our dauntless heroes landed on a new planet, they would find it filled with gorgeous women, whether the Moon (Missile to the Moon, Cat-women of the Moon), Uranus (Journey to the Seventh Planet), Jupiter’s moons (Fire Maidens from Outer Space), Future Earth (World Without […]

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Doomwatch (1972)

When one looks at the giants of British Horror Cinema, one notes that Hammer Films turned out an impressive number of SF films, including their remakes of the legendary Quatermass serials and far too many Bikini Cavegirl movies.  Their closest competitor, Amicus, while they never made quite so many, did in fact contribute two Dr. […]

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