Outpost Earth (2017)

There is a moment in Brett Piper‘s latest film that looked incredibly familiar:  a stop motion mutant takes on a handful of giant alien bug things (“Clickers”) and pounds them in an impressive show of strength.  I knew I’d seen those moves before. But an instant later I realized that the creature was moving just like the […]

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The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

I find myself thinking of 28 Days Later. Not because this film particularly resembles it, but because both are exceedingly well made British efforts which offer new – and surprisingly realistic – variations on the old zombie film. Not that Hide and Creep‘s supercilious Video Clerk Chuck would call either one a zombie film. Instead, The […]

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Travelers (2017)

Let’s make on thing clear:  “Adam Starks” is not the name of the hero of some forgotten Gerry Anderson show. Instead, he is a Nineteen year old Writer/Director, who has made four films to date, with the help of his friend Joshua Copeland – who stars with him in all four.  Travelers is his latest. […]

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The Space Between Us (2017)

This must have seemed like a good idea to someone in Hollywood. One can almost imagine the process:  “hey, we’ve done well with realistic space films like Gravity and Interstellar…and we’re packing the teenagers in with these angsty romances…I know!  We’ll combine the two!” Or was there a Reese’s commercial moment when two aides carrying […]

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“Turkish Star Wars” Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam [The Man Who Saves the World] (1982)

  It’s always an iffy proposition to watch a classic. You never know whether it will live up to the hype, or prove an utter disappointment. And this is particularly true when we’re talking about a classic BAD film. Now, there is an important distinction here, between the merely bad film, which is nothing more than sloppily made, […]

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