The Killer Shrews (1959)

It came as a mild surprise to me to learn that this one was made in the Fifties. I’d pictured it as a product of the wave of environmentally-themed nature run amuch films of the Seventies, like Night of the Lepus or Frogs.  Instead we have a black and white B-movie made with a B-movie […]

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Alien Space Avenger (1989)

This is a seriously odd film. I suppose we can blame the fact that it was a direct to video film, as they often include films that wouldn’t have made it anywhere else.  I don’t know, that almost seems too easy an answer. Or we can blame Action International Pictures (often referred to as AIP, which […]

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Firestarter (1984)

There seem to have been a lot of telekinetics running around in the Eighties. Particularly if you start looking a little early, at Carrie, in 1976, and The Medusa Touch, The Fury and Patrick in 1978.  Scanners appeared in 1981, with a horde of sequels to follow, The Sender came out in 1982, and Tobe […]

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Trog (1970)

I was halfway through this one when I realized that it seemed very familiar. I’d seen virtually the same plot in Amicus Productions’ The Mind of Mr. Soames.  While the two came out the same year (and Mr. Soames doesn’t seem to have reached the theaters until 1971), the Amicus film was based on a […]

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Dollman (1991)

I love this one. I mean, hard-boiled alien cop pursues a bad guy to Earth, where he discovers that he is only fourteen inches tall?  It’s brilliant, it’s silly, it is incredibly inspired in a totally bonkers sort of way, and it is something you can only find from a small, independent distributor because the […]

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Millennium Crisis (2007)

Andrew Bellware is one of those directors who intrigues me. I’m not saying he’s a great director, or that he’s made any incredibly great films.  No, all I’m willing to say at this point is that he’s made several massively cheap SF films which are strange enough and have so many ideas that they stand […]

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