Cyber Bandits (1995)

What an odd film. Robert Hays (of all people) looking more than a decade and a half older than he did in Airplane!, plays the villain, Morgan, a billionaire so rich that he bought the entire island of Pacifica as his own personal little fiefdom.  It’s a wide-open sort of town, like Shanghai in some Thirties […]

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Passengers (2016)

This is an absolutely amazing film. We’re talking about a film which takes us to an incredible place, a luxury spaceship enroute to a distant star, with its crew and passengers in suspended animation.  And “place” is the right word, as we are talking about a film that created this world not in some digitally […]

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The Monster of Phantom Lake (2006)

The setting?  “The Present Day.” Only it is somewhere unspecified in the past, when teenagers still wore their jeans with the cuffs rolled up and Atomic waste still mutated unwary victims into horrible monsters. Probably the Fifties, right? For those of you even slightly familiar with the work of Christopher R. Mihm and his “Mihmiverse”, […]

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Displacement (2016)

I have to confess that I have a weakness for clever, time-twisting thrillers, particularly when they manage to conceal the underlying truth of the situation and only let their secrets out a few at a time. Case in point:  Displacement.  Here we have an impressive Indie about a young physicist, Cassie Sinclair, who wakes up in […]

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The Alpha Omega Man (2017)

Perhaps the defining moment in Joshua Kennedy’s latest film comes when his character, Robert Neville, alone in the deserted streets of New York City, sits in a theater and watches a film.  Which, naturally is Charlton Heston, sitting in the exact same theater, watching a movie while playing Robert Neville in The Omega Man, and saying the […]

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Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

This is another film that generally gets a bad rap which I quite like. It is an adaptation of the short story by William Gibson, and Gibson himself wrote the screenplay, bringing in elements from some of his other books. We’re talking about a film which is set in a detailed Cyberpunk world, filled with a lot […]

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