Poor Danny: girlfriend dumps him, killer robots attack, he learns he’s a robot…

Big budget adaptation of Strugatsky novel.  “Dark Planet” in the U.S.

Part two of the two part adaptation.

Only in Korea! Aliens, Magic, Martial Arts, Time Travel, and more!

  • Ôgon batto (1966)

See The Golden Bat

Cute little girl tries to save beloved pet.  Dark and depressing

Explaining the unexplainable.  M. Night Shyamalan’s Sandcastle

A Fistful of Robots.  Rutger Hauer as yet another post-Apocalyptic Android

The first rule of The Omegans is that there are no Omegans…

Bargain basement British effort that feels like a lost Blake’s 7 Episode

A little British town goes off on a comet…

A man wakes with no memories in a pit full of dead bodies.  Must be Thursday…

  • OPENING FIRE (1985)

See Abriendo fuego

Documentary about how we faked the Moon landing.  Psych!

Italian James Bond — or a lost Gamma One movie? You decide!

Italian TV movie adaptation of Friedrich Dürrenmatt radio play…

Bizarre, SF tinged Giallo film.  Outstanding!

Gritty Space Opera from Australia.  Impressive!

A science fiction film from PBS?  Ambitious, trippy and super-cheap

A documentary about Lovecraft?  No, something rather stranger…

50s G-Man chases evil aliens in 2019

A haunted house, a deadly killer, time loops — and Karma

  • Outer Man (2015)

See Autâman

  • Outlaw Power (2000)

See Armicron

Brett Piper destroys the Earth.  Again.  More B-Movie fun from the Maestro

Creepy weird

Westworld.  Only gangsters.  And it’s therapeutic

First Science Fiction film made in Guatemala? Probably