Poor Danny: girlfriend dumps him, killer robots attack, he learns he’s a robot…

Big budget adaptation of Strugatsky novel.  “Dark Planet” in the U.S.

Part two of the two part adaptation.

Only in Korea! Aliens, Magic, Martial Arts, Time Travel, and more!

  • Ôgon batto (1966)

See The Golden Bat

Cute little girl tries to save beloved pet.  Dark and depressing

Explaining the unexplainable.  M. Night Shyamalan’s Sandcastle

A Fistful of Robots.  Rutger Hauer as yet another post-Apocalyptic Android

The first rule of The Omegans is that there are no Omegans…

Satirical Italian comedy about an alien preparing the way for the invasion

Bargain basement British effort that feels like a lost Blake’s 7 Episode

A little British town goes off on a comet…

See the first 3-D Sci-Fi feature film!

A man wakes with no memories in a pit full of dead bodies.  Must be Thursday…

Wild eyed Nacho Vigalondo hacker thriller that’s all on a laptop…

  • OPENING FIRE (1985)

See Abriendo fuego

Documentary about how we faked the Moon landing.  Psych!

Italian James Bond — or a lost Gamma One movie? You decide!

Italian TV movie adaptation of Friedrich Dürrenmatt radio play…

Bizarre, SF tinged Giallo film.  Outstanding!

Gritty Space Opera from Australia.  Impressive!

  • Our War Game! (2000)

See Dejimon adobenchâ: Bokura no wô gêmu!

A documentary about Lovecraft?  No, something rather stranger…

  • Out of Thin Air (1969)

See Invasion of the Body Stealers

50s G-Man chases evil aliens in 2019

A haunted house, a deadly killer, time loops — and Karma

  • Outer Man (2015)

See Autâman

  • Outlaw Power (2000)

See Armicron

Brett Piper destroys the Earth.  Again.  More B-Movie fun from the Maestro

Creepy weird

Westworld.  Only gangsters.  And it’s therapeutic

A science fiction film from PBS?  Ambitious, trippy and super-cheap

First Science Fiction film made in Guatemala? Probably