Sightings (2017)

What a way to start your retirement. Tom Mayfield just left his job as local Sheriff to spend more time on his family ranch with his daughter. But strange things have been happening and he’s planning to install a new security system when he makes a terrible discovery: the naked bodies of three young women, […]

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Paradox (2016)

Deep below a big warehouse, with the NSA watching, a group of young scientists, led by the mysterious Mr. Landau, have made an incredible breakthrough. And, of course, with a title like Paradox, we know this is going to involve time travel. They test the machine by sending one of them, Jim, ahead an hour… […]

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Terminal Invasion (2002)

It’s almost enough to make you want to cry. Here’s a SciFi Network movie from the days when they were still orthographically correct, which is as entertaining a “B” movie as you could ask for.  What’s more, it was even made specifically for the network and wasn’t — like some of their better offerings — […]

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Reset (2016)

Wow. You never know what you’ll find next.  This is truly the age of the homemade film, thanks to the ready availability of the sorts of tools that past do-it-your-selfers could only have dreamed of.  It is an age when a routine list of Youtube recommendations can uncover a film you’d never heard of — […]

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UFO Phil: The Movie (2008)

“Can you keep a secret?” It starts so well. The director, Les Michaels (who is actually played by, ummm, the real-life director, Eric Lee Huffman, only under the name “Rick Still.”  Just go with it), steps in front of the camera to explain that what we are about to see was filmed by hundreds of […]

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The Dark (1979)

(Spoilers ahead!) Tobe Hooper’s career as a horror director wasn’t exactly littered with good choices. The Dark was definitely one of them. After all, he decided to leave the project early on. What we got seems routine enough — if you don’t look too closely.  We have the girl scientist who gets the reluctant guy […]

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Kin-dza-dza! (1986)

Mark’s 1000th Review! Help him celebrate by adding your comments and felicitations below! And by all means, settle back with your favorite vintage Soviet popcorn and watch one of his all time favorite Science Fiction films —  And yes, one of the all-time best, as well! Ku! An ordinary Muscovite, is on his way to […]

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Alone in the Dark (2005)

Uwe Boll was ahead of his time. Seriously. Here we have the second of his major films, a videogame adaptation like pretty much everything he’s made since, which consists of the barest of setups followed by action scene after action scene, complete with crashing through windows, bullet time, absurd wire-fu, and all chopped up in […]

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Run Away with Me (2015)

It starts with what sounds like the intro to an H.P. Lovecraft story. Not that it has anything to do with what comes next: a brutal, black and white sequence with a deadly hand-to-hand battle between the hero and the man who killed his son. Next it becomes a hard-boiled Blade Runner-esque story of a […]

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