A Cold Night’s Death (1973)

The 1970s were the age of the TV movie. The American networks brought a remarkable number of interesting horror and science fiction films to the air for more than a decade, with a little help from producers like Dan Curtis, writers like Richard Matheson, and even the young Steven Spielberg behind the camera. Of course, excellent films […]

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Nuits rouges [aka, Shadowman] (1974)

Do mad scientist films actually qualify as science fiction? One of my favorite films is Georges Franju’s Judex (1963), a film that combines amazing black and white compositions, steampunk-ish inventions, a pulpy plot borrowed from a 1916 French serial, and just a hint of tongue in cheek humor.  Eleven years later, he created another, very similar […]

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Thru the Moebius Strip (2005)

This was one of my greatest frustrations back in the Nothings.  And not because of any part of the film itself.  After all, I hadn’t seen it. But I had seen a wonderfully insane trailer, full of spaceships, creatures, strange worlds and what looked like a vast fleet of sailing vessels flying into battle. At the […]

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