The Host [Gwoemul] (2006)

The Host did something that seemed terribly unlikely back in the Nothings:  it breathed new life into the giant monster movie. And what life! After a brief intro that hints at the creature’s origins, we move from our first glimpses of the creature to a wild monster rampage down a crowded river walk in a matter […]

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Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Years ago, the Simpsons did a brief parody of the then-current string of original crew Star Trek movies, a clip from some ridiculously numbered Trek movie entitled “So Very Tired”. Sigh. After only three movies, somehow it seems it should be Chris Pine sighing and saying, “Again with the Klingons”. Let’s get this straight.  When the […]

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Chosen Survivors (1974)

Perhaps the best part of this film is the opening. A helicopter lands, soldiers grab the nearly comatose people inside it, carry them between two long lines of soldiers and dump them through a triangular, high-tech door into a tiny elevator.  The way in which this scene is shot – with a lot of (slow and […]

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Beta Test (2016)

I suppose it is a tribute to the makers of this film that somehow one fails to take in just how absurd the basic premise is until the film is over. Okay, we’ve got Sentinel,  your hugely successful videogame company; Kincaid, your stock issue evil genius CEO trying to make the world a better place by murdering […]

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Synchronicity (2015)

Think Film Noir Time Travel thriller and you’ve got the basic idea. Mind you, it’s all wrapped in up such a beautiful package that you wouldn’t want to dismiss it that quickly. Physicist Jim Beale thinks he’s made the next great breakthrough, the one which, like Tesla’s work on electricity, will completely transform our wold. […]

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Night Fright (1967)

A monster arrives from space, then spends the rest of the film going around eating people. Which does, yes, sound somewhat familiar. Mind you, we’ve got John Agar as the sheriff, although the former Mr. Shirley Temple is probably the only person you’ve ever heard of in this little film.  He, of course, after a promising […]

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The Blob (1988)

This is that rare exception, the sequel that is often hailed as being better than the original. Mind you, despite its popularity – and iconic status – the original version wasn’t one of the better films of the fifties Sci Fi boom.  On the whole it is a nicely minor film with a few memorable […]

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