Robot Holocaust (1986)

Once again, we’re back to the land of the MST3K, for what has to be one of the most threadbare post-Apocalyptic movies ever made.  After all, it’s set in New York City, with the famous skyline still intact behind all the ruined buildings where everything else takes place.  And, yes, that includes the World Trade Center! […]

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Monster a-Go Go (1965)

Wisconsin based filmmaker, Bill Rebane, got his career off to a good start with his successful documentary short, “Twist Craze” (1962), only to see his next project come to a sudden and disastrous end. Terror at Halfway was his first attempt at a science fiction or horror film – although not, by far, his last – […]

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The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

This is a seriously flawed movie.  I’ll admit that. But we already knew that because it appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I suspect that The Giant Spider Invasion was an attempt to make a Fifties creature feature in the Seventies.  Admittedly, it reminds one more of the worst and silliest Fifties monster movies, but it […]

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The Projected Man (1966)

I am not a big fan of MST3K. Some have credited the show with resurrecting lost films or commenting on the history of Science Fiction cinema, but in general it seems to me that it has become far more difficult to find many of the films they’ve mocked – largely because of the perception that […]

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