Steampunk anime robots vs. tripods.  That’s ’bout it

Blistering Polish political fable.  Piotr Szulkin’s second film

A Joe Dante film.  Without all that Joe Dante stuff

Made in Pittsburgh.  For 2000 dollars

Christopher R. Mihm’s best yet:  A dark, Noir-ish thriller about a…Weresquito?

Ultra low budget Lovecraft film.  Has moments, but the HPLHS version is better

Perhaps the funniest SF comedy ever made

Documentary turned SF film.  By Werner Herzog

Most insane SF film ever made.  Even if it borders on boring

The world’s loudest band meets alien zombies.  Only not that good

Even the characters don’t know how they got there

As if Tolkien got a guest shot on Laugh In.  From Ralph Bakshi

Forbidden Planet copy.  With Einsteinian time distortions

Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Classic SF miniseries