Ravagers (1979)

There sure were a lot of post-Apocalyptic films in the Seventies! I really wouldn’t even want to guess how many. We tend to think of the genre as starting with Mad Max and The Road Warrior, but it goes the whole way back to the silent era, and they were pretty heavy on the ground […]

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Hidden (2015)

There is a steadily growing sub-genre of the post-Apocalyptic film centered around groups of survivors hiding in a shelter together.  One could point at A Quiet Place as one of the more successful examples although it isn’t  quite as confined as most of them (or perhaps one might say that the family’s confinement isn’t purely physical). […]

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Chosen Survivors (1974)

Perhaps the best part of this film is the opening. A helicopter lands, soldiers grab the nearly comatose people inside it, carry them between two long lines of soldiers and dump them through a triangular, high-tech door into a tiny elevator.  The way in which this scene is shot – with a lot of (slow and […]

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The Earth Dies Screaming (1964)

This was the first of three science fiction films directed by Hammer icon Terrence Fisher (see my review of Island of Terror), and by far the shortest, clocking in just under an hour. I have to (once again) confess a definite weakness for British SF from the Fifties and Sixties, particularly those that were to one […]

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Love (2011)

Okay, it’s strange.  I’m glad we got that out of the way. This is of course, the real thing.  A genuine, totally outside the system, independent film.  Made for a reported half-a-million, William Eubank built the incredible interior set of his international space station in his driveway.  Yes, it looks a lot bigger than that, […]

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