Monster Trucks (2016)

I watched this one because a friend really, really wanted to see it. It should tell you something that I feel a need to make excuses for watching it. Mind you, you quickly get the idea that those involved are just a little ashamed of it all:  not only did the film get delayed repeatedly, […]

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World Gone Wild (1987)

What a wonderfully evocative title!  Who would guess that it was merely an SF retread of Seven Samurai? So we have a future world devastated by every kind of war imaginable, and which has had a fifty year drought.  The dregs of humanity squabble over the last of the water, but the hippy-ish community of […]

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Mutator (1989)

There isn’t much to distinguish this one from most of the Eighties, direct to video action/SF hybrids out there. Other, that is, than the inexplicable presence, as hero of the film, of the man who’s played so many bad guys in Sci Fi movies that it’s hard to keep count, Brion James. If the name […]

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Sons of Steel (1988)

This is a strange one. To put it mildly. What we have here is a heavy metal sci fi musical Ozploitation film.  Not that that really suggests just how strange this film is.  We’re talking a decaying near future, a repressive government out to get our hero, a robot, time travel, a sword and sorcery […]

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The Device (2014)

Someone just pointed out to me the similarities between the stories about fairies in the old legends (which aren’t as delightful as the modern version) and the typical accounts of alien abduction and UFO encounters. Certainly, the traits given the aliens in these stories are clearly supernatural:  they pass through walls and cannot be stopped […]

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Jungle Captive (1945)

This is one of those films that leaves you wondering why. I mean, Captive Wild Woman, the first of Universal’s horror films about “Paula Dupree”, an ape transformed into a girl, wasn’t one of their great entries into their horror cycle.  In fact the most interesting part of it was that they had managed to transform […]

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Unearthed (2007)

A mysterious creature awakens in a remote desert community and proceeds to slaughter the locals. If it sounds familiar, it should.  This is a basic monster movie, with a lot of very familiar elements. And that monster is one of them:  it’s not a bad design, but it looks far too much like one of […]

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