• I Am Legend (1967)

See Soy leyenda

Dolph Lundgren in full Ah-nold mode takes on alien drug dealer!

The perfect island: deadly snakes, voodoo, but 5 women to every man!

Chop Sockey robot madness.  With Metropolis references.  Bliss

Amicus’ Fruedian Jekyll and Hyde, with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

The FBI, flying saucers, an alien monster.  But not as much fun as it sounds

Gentle comedy, about the search for an Alien in a town full of oddballs

Poetic animated tale by Ray Bradbury.  Too poetic…

  • Ice Crawlers (2001)

See Deep Freeze

Sort of a Toho version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Sort of.

It’s amazing how much trouble one little alien doll can cause…

Extremely funny Trash Cinema take on a Stanislaw Lem classic!

  • Il Disco Volante (1964)

See Il disco volante

A flying saucer crashes in the Bermuda Triangle.  Welllll…maybe


See Abriendo fuego

The tyranny of the time traveling assassin…

An endless staircase, an endless road, and endless weirdness…

Richard Stanley’s dry run for Hardware

Très ironic cool!  An absurd Nouvelle Vague James Bond film

  • The Incredible Invasion (1971)

See Alien Terror

Like an American Quatermass Experiment.  But more goo per square inch

A real snoozer.  With science problems

So-So Showtime special by some of the best comics of the Eighties…

Non-violence isn’t good for videogames…

It’s hard to believe, but fun giant bug comedies do exist!

  • Infestation (2020)

See Waves

Fascinating, well-developed future.  But…

Time travel is undignified.  But funny

Intriguing Indie about a man in a high-tech prison

It keeps happening over and over! Time loops and parallel worlds

Remarkable, influential and surreal.  French Art Film

Naked Coeds, shower scenes, and CGI bugs.  Lots of CGI bugs

The silent German version of Dr. Moreau is no longer lost!

  • Inseminoid (1981)

See Horror Planet

  • Interceptor (2009)

See Zapreshchyonnaya realnost

Excellent, College-made film about a murderous Secret Hacker cabal…

  • The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud (2020)

See Max Cloud


See Kokusai himitsu keisatsu: Zettai zetsumei

  • Interplanetary Revolution (1924)

See Mezhplanetnaya revolyutsiya

Sequel to Albert Pyun’s weird experiment, Invasion.  Only this one is weirder…

Hero battles barbarians to save the world.  Audience snoozes…

  • Into Infinity (1976)

See The Day After Tomorrow: Into Infinity

  • Into Thin Air (1969)

See Invasion of the Body Stealers

I know! Let’s do an Alien and Thing ripoff for TV without all that gore…

Okay film that destroyed Cannon films.  And Tobe Hooper’s career

  • Invasion (2020)

See Vtorzhenie

Sex, nudity and..bees?  Nicholas Meyer wrote it, but probably isn’t proud of it…

A classic remake of a classic

James Bond clone, with parachutists vanishing in mid-air…

The third film in the series.  Now with more stock footage!

  • Invasion of the Girl Snatchers (1973)

See The Hidan of Maukbeiangjow

  • Invasion of the Mind Benders (1987)

See Mind Benders

A pack of kids walk into Battle in Space.  More or less

Bosomy Girls plan to enslave Earth.  But we have two idiots to save us!


See I Eat Your Skin

The most remarkable thing about this film?  It got made

  • Invasión siniestra (1971)

See Alien Terror

 Lots and lots of stock footage, mixed with a bit of hysteria and paranoia…

A suave and sinister Peter Lorre…in an invisible spy comedy?

A deep space mission, a lone survivor, horrible aliens and Theseus’ boat…

  • The Invisible Man (1954)

See Tômei ningen

H.G. Wells turned into yet another stalker boyfriend film…


See Tômei ningen arawaru

  • INVISIBLE MAN in Mexico (1958)

See El hombre que logró ser invisible

The Invisible Man turns vampire?

  • An Invisible Man Walks the City (1933)

See Ein Unsichtbarer geht durch die Stadt

Karloff, Lugosi, a new element…and it all devolves into a revenge thriller

The only Invisible Man sequel with Shemp Howard


See Tekkôki Mikazuki

  • Iron Robot 17 (1982)

See Brain 17

  • The Iron Super Man (1974)

See Tie chao ren

Post-Apocalyptic TV Pilot.  Would have been better with marionettes

A real fake giant crab!

Charles Laughton in one of his most brilliant performances

It isn’t Forbidden Planet. Not quite…

  • Island of Mutations (1979)

See Island of the Fishmen

Quatermass inspired British Horror.  Nasty Creatures on a tiny Island

A sinister castle, a mad scientist, secret research and…well, it’s on the poster

Wild pulpy period adventure story.  With fishmen.  A lot of fun

  • Island of the Lost (1921)

See Die Insel der Verschollenen

Isolated island under siege by something mysterious from the sea

Pretty good no-budget Faux Fifties Sci Fi…

One of the most important of Christopher Mihm’s films — the second one

One of the great classics of SF film.  With incredible dialogue by Ray Bradbury!

What the *(BLEEP)* did I just watch????

The videogame becomes a teen Motocross movie.  With giant ants

Pulpy Thirties-style passion project!


See “Cozzilla”