Dolph Lundgren in full Ah-nold mode takes on alien drug dealer!

Chop Sockey robot madness.  With Metropolis references.  Bliss

Amicus’ Fruedian Jekyll and Hyde, with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

Gentle comedy, about the search for an Alien in a town full of oddballs

Like an American Quatermass Experiment.  But more goo per square inch

A real snoozer.  With science problems

Fascinating, well-developed future.  But…

Time travel is undignified.  But funny

Intriguing Indie about a man in a high-tech prison

Naked Coeds, shower scenes, and CGI bugs.  Lots of CGI bugs

Okay film that destroyed Cannon films.  And Tobe Hooper’s career

The only Invisible Man sequel with Shemp Howard

A real fake giant crab!

Charles Laughton in one of his most brilliant performances

Quatermass inspired British Horror.  Nasty Creatures on a tiny Island

A sinister castle, a mad scientist, secret research and…well, it’s on the poster

What the *(BLEEP)* did I just watch????

Pulpy Thirties-style passion project!