Westworld (1973)

This may be the best story Michael Crichton ever told… Even if it wasn’t one of his novels, but an original screenplay he also directed.  And yes, he actually directed quite a few films, even if his greatest success came from his novels. Particularly Jurassic Park.  But you already knew that. It’s been years since […]

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The Last Starfighter (1984)

It’s amazing how well this film has held up. Computer animation was the latest movie making toy back in the early Eighties, but no one believed that you could ever achieve realism with it.  Someone famously said that they might be able to animate people — but only if they were bald and naked. Not […]

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Ganheddo [Gunhed] (1989)

James Cameron once described Gunhed as one of his favorite B-Movies. I have to agree with that assessment. Yeah, I know a lot of people out there have called this one terrible, or claim that they can’t understand the plot.  Frankly, that puzzles me, as it seems to be a mostly straightforward sort of affair: […]

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Darkman (1990)

Wow. I really miss Sam Raimi. You have to wonder what happened:  one day, you are making some of the most insane, whacked out and totally unique movies ever and the next?… You look just like everyone else. Now, I know the cynical among you will say that this is because someone in Hollywood waved […]

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Leviathan (1989)

I’ll admit it, I have a weakness for Peter Weller. It’s mostly because he was Buckaroo Banzai, but he was also superb in Robocop and did manage to make quite a few interesting films — as well as a few where he’s the best thing in them.  But his characters always have a presence about […]

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Reign of Fire (2002)

“Only one thing worse than a dragon… Americans.” I love this movie. This is without question the most insanely whacked out post-Apocalyptic future ever imagined.  I mean, the whole world devastated by the return of an ancient, long-forgotten, now legendary species: Dragons. Yes, dragons.  The idea is brilliant.  In some totally mad and wildly entertaining […]

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