Shock-O-Rama (2005)

This one is generally considered to be B-Maestro Brett Piper‘s best film.  Certainly it is a lot of fun, even if somewhat weighted down by Shock-O-Rama (the film distributor)’s insistence on having lots of naked girls in their films.  But he gets enough of a budget on this one that his signature stop motion effects have […]

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Passengers (2016)

This is an absolutely amazing film. We’re talking about a film which takes us to an incredible place, a luxury spaceship enroute to a distant star, with its crew and passengers in suspended animation.  And “place” is the right word, as we are talking about a film that created this world not in some digitally […]

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Godzilla (1998)

I just re-watched this one after a long absence and I find that my opinion has not changed. Which still leaves me in the minority on this one. This is one of the best giant monster movies ever made.  No questions asked. It just isn’t a Godzilla movie. Mind you, one could point out that […]

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Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m a sucker for this kind of movie. I’ll concede my first reaction to the trailers was that their Kong was ridiculously big.  Godzilla sized.  But then he’d have to be, if he’s going to go on and fight Godzilla in that future movie they’re promising us. But the curious thing […]

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