Bad Channels (1992)

This is a very, very silly film. I like it. If you asked me what was the best part of all the films Charles Band produced under his Empire Films and Full Moon Features labels, I would be hard pressed to answer. At least at first. But, once I had a chance to think about […]

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The Giant Claw (1957)

This is one of those films that are hard to believe. Hard to believe, that is, that anyone would ever make such a film.  Seriously. I mean, a giant monster from outer space shows up, a bird the size of a battleship, and starts causing all sorts of chaos, and what does it look like? […]

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51 (2011)

(aka Area 51) Call it “bait and switch”. I can remember seeing this one in the video store back when it first came out and nearly renting it.  After all,  After Dark Films released it (although I didn’t notice at the time that it was an “original” and not part of one of their “8 […]

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The Cat [Lao mao] (1992)

Connections, connections… I’d stumbled across a reference to the Hong Kong action film, The Legend of Wisely (Wai Si-Lei chuen kei) because someone said it had the same basic plot as Franco Nero’s Top Line — but had been done better.  However, when I looked it up, I learned it was one of a number of movies […]

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