Los Parecidos [The Similars] (2015)

I’m speechless. I’ve seen some strange Science Fiction and fantasy films in my time but The Similars is one of the most outlandish:  it is bizarre, nearly inexplicable and yet somehow grounded despite all the weirdness. We know we’re in for a freakish ride from the very start, as the film opens with a Rod […]

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As the Earth Turns (1938)

Look, I’m not sure I believe it either. But everything I can find says that this is, in fact, a lost Independent short film from 1938, a silent film made almost a decade into the sound era. The story is that Richard Lyford was an independent playwright and screenwriter who made nine award-winning Independent films […]

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Goliath Awaits (1981)

Look, I know this one is preposterous. An ocean liner, the Goliath, is torpedoed at the very start of World War II.  It sinks but somehow a bubble of air gets caught in the hull.  It sinks a thousand feet deep, but they manage to create enough pressure to keep the ship from collapsing on […]

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Der Tunnel (1915)

I suspect that Der Tunnel may have been the first feature length science fiction film.  Certainly I don’t know of any that have survived that are older.  Whether there are any lost films out there I’m not aware of is another question.  After all, it is estimated that something like Ninety per cent of silent […]

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Sureibumen [Slavemen] (2017)

I have a sneaking suspicion about this film: while the original Japanese title is clearly a transliterated version of the English title, they probably thought the name of mysterious superhero figure at the center of this film had the same format as all those American superhero characters: “SlaveMAN” rather than “SlaveMEN.” But that’s just my […]

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Full Metal Duel (2016)

Before I get started, I need to grumble a bit. One of the most frustrating problems with IMDB (not the only one, by any means) is the surprisingly poor coverage of Chinese film (new and old) on the site. I have repeated found myself stymied when I try to locate them.  Sometimes it is because […]

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Monsters of War (2021)

Look, the last thing I want to do is bash someone’s backyard passion project film. I understand what a tremendous effort it is to make even a small, Independent film, and you know that anyone who sets out to make such a project puts everything they have into it and more. But, I’m sorry, some […]

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