Big Hero 6 (2014)

Lately, it seems like Pixar has been stuck in a rut of endless sequels and dubious choices (with Inside Out one of the few bright spots) while the Disney animation department has turned out the sort of films we really expect from Pixar.  Which is certainly the case here. What makes this even more interesting is the presence […]

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A*P*E (1976)

A guy in an ape suit stomps model towns and cities.  There’s a story about a reporter, the actress he loves, and the big ape that tries to get between them. Throw in a few tanks and helicopters and you’ve got the general idea. This one was basically the South Korean answer to Dino Di […]

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Jupiter Ascending (2015)

This film is utterly and completely absurd in every way.  It throws everything imaginable at the screen, then grabs whatever is left and throws that too – along with any leftover reason and common sense they might have had. I like it. The Wachowski Brothers – now just billing themselves as “The Wachowskis” – rocketed to […]

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The Mad Monster (1942)

This is a typical PRC mad scientist film, in which crazed scientist (and PRC regular) George Zucco turns simple minded handyman Glenn Strange (who played the Frankenstein monster in some of the lesser Universal horror entries) into a wolfman (who, yes, looks a lot like the Universal monster). There really isn’t a lot more you […]

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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

It seems our film industry is suffering from a bad case of elephantiasis (and, come to think of it, sequelitis). It’s as if Hollywood is now incapable of making any film that isn’t utterly bloated:  distended by endless swollen CGI sequences that almost defy the audience to believe in them. And one might almost be tempted […]

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I, Monster (1971)

Amicus productions made the best non-Hammer Hammer horror films, and this one is one of their better efforts. Here we have Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in an interesting adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, although the names have been changed to protect the innocent.  The SF content of versions of this story varies […]

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Time Tracers (1997)

It’s hard to know where to even begin with this one. Imagine the shock of watching one of the most dirt cheap SF films imaginable and suddenly finding a stunningly realistic stop motion animated T-Rex up on the screen – and before long, a lot of other, equally impressive beasts. Mind you, it’s not long […]

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Feeders (1996)

The Polonia brothers represent one of the odder chapters in recent film history. They started out back in the 80s, making movies for their own amusement, yet somehow managed to secure a VHS release for their film Splatter Farm in 1987. However, their big break came nine years later when, in the wake of the success […]

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