Time Tracers (1997)

It’s hard to know where to even begin with this one. Imagine the shock of watching one of the most dirt cheap SF films imaginable and suddenly finding a stunningly realistic stop motion animated T-Rex up on the screen – and before long, a lot of other, equally impressive beasts. Mind you, it’s not long […]

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Feeders (1996)

The Polonia brothers represent one of the odder chapters in recent film history. They started out back in the 80s, making movies for their own amusement, yet somehow managed to secure a VHS release for their film Splatter Farm in 1987. However, their big break came nine years later when, in the wake of the success […]

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Giant from the Unknown (1958)

Apparently, if a scientist tells us something, it must be true. At least, that appears to be the message of this odd little film.  We are shown a (supposedly) extinct lizard and told that the hero found it in a chunk of rock millions of years old. Sleeping. Yep, a living lizard which, thanks to […]

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Island of Terror (1966)

The greatest mystery about Island of Terror is why this tense little Hammer clone movie has so thoroughly fallen through the cracks. This was the first of two films Hammer’s Terrence Fisher directed for Planet Films (the other being Night of the Big Heat/Island of the Burning Damned).  It wouldn’t be hard to imagine either of […]

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Curse of the Swamp Creature (1966)

“Breathe!” “Live!” “Breathe!” The mad scientist bellows.  A webbed and clawed hand stretches out of a dense cloud of mist, then vanishes back into it. At which point, seconds into the movie, it all suddenly gets far less interesting. There’s a mad scientist living back in the swamp, carrying out the usual forbidden experiments with people […]

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