The Lady and the Monster (1944)

Joseph Kane claimed that longtime Republic Pictures director George Sherman left the studio because of this film:  he was afraid he would have to make another picture with Vera (Hruda) Ralston! Vera was a Czech ice skating star who’d appeared in a few skating movies before this.  She didn’t have a word of English.  Instead, […]

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Night Shadows [Mutant] (1984)

John ‘Bud’ Cardos gets a certain amount of attention for his handful of Eighties Horror and SF films – although mostly for Kingdom of the Spiders, which is, admittedly one of the better “nature gone wild” films of the seventies. Here, he offers us one of the most atypical zombie films of the era — if […]

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Insecticidal (2005)

So, we’ve got your basic cheap video horror. You know the sort of thing:  sorority girls, lots of bare boobs, partying, sex, hot tubs, enthusiastic lesbian kissing, over-aged college students, more shower scenes than you can count, buckets of gore, and an impressive body count. But instead of some routine masked slasher of the “Cinderhella” […]

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Life (2017)

Biologists don’t know much about engineering. Let me give you an example of what I mean:  not to long ago, some biologist declared that DNA was an example of “bad design”, because the sense and anti-sense strands are only connected by weak hydrogen bonds, and thus it was vulnerable to water. But consider what would […]

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Voodoo Woman (1957)

This is one of the stranger mad scientist movies ever made.  After all, how many mad scientists actually had to put on some sort of silly voodoo hat to carry out their latest experiment? …Well, okay, there’s The Voodoo Man, with Bela Lugosi, George Zucco and John Carradine.  But Bela is more mad witch doctor […]

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RPG Metanoia (2010)

“Metanoia” refers to a moment of spiritual growth brought on by an act of penitence and true remorse for one’s actions.  As curious as naming a fictional video game after a Christian theological term may seem, it seems more curious that the main character of this film does, in fact, undergo such a change.  Perhaps […]

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Anti Matter (2016)

(aka Worm) Ana, an American biology student working at Oxford, accidentally discovers a strange phenomenon, which she and her friends develop into a way to instantly transport solid matter through artificial wormholes.  But when she takes the first trip in their matter transporter, things start to go very wrong:  her memory is failing, strange nightmares […]

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The Terror Within (1989)

Yep.  Yet another Alien ripoff from Roger Corman and Concorde films. Still, we’ve got a few interesting change-ups on this one, notably its post-Apocalyptic, post biowarfare accident setting (on Earth), and a secret underground research station which we’ll try not to notice was borrowed from The Andromeda Strain‘s Wildfire facility.  Okay, once the heroes start […]

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Gorgo (1961)

It rather surprised me to learn that not only did Eugène Lourié — the prolific art designer who started his career with legendary French director Jean Renoir — direct Gorgo, but he also directed The Giant Behemoth and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, three of the better attempts to imitate Godzilla.  For that matter, they were […]

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