Robot World (2015)

This is a slow and subtle film, which (after a brief intro) builds its story gradually, showing us what happens rather than telling us what is going on. Which, of course means that a lot of people won’t like it. It is a fairly basic sort of story, in many respects: the all too familiar […]

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For a Few Zombies More (2015)

“Let me get this straight:  your plan for surviving the zombie plague is based on a movie that’s not even about zombies. “Well, if you say it like that…” Man, oh man, oh man… One of those genuine and unlikely surprises I stumbled across not too long ago was the marvelous little zombie film, Hide and Creep, […]

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The Monster of Phantom Lake (2006)

The setting?  “The Present Day.” Only it is somewhere unspecified in the past, when teenagers still wore their jeans with the cuffs rolled up and Atomic waste still mutated unwary victims into horrible monsters. Probably the Fifties, right? For those of you even slightly familiar with the work of Christopher R. Mihm and his “Mihmiverse”, […]

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The Alpha Omega Man (2017)

Perhaps the defining moment in Joshua Kennedy’s latest film comes when his character, Robert Neville, alone in the deserted streets of New York City, sits in a theater and watches a film.  Which, naturally is Charlton Heston, sitting in the exact same theater, watching a movie while playing Robert Neville in The Omega Man, and saying the […]

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