Slave Girls on the Moon (2014)

Let me come right out and say it: I enjoyed this film. Most of you won’t. Joshua Kennedy is one of a small but growing group of passionate filmmakers who create interesting movies – most often retro-tinged SF, horror or fantasy – on infinitesimal budgets.  He is also one of the more accomplished of this group, […]

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Rana: The Legend of Shadow Lake (1981)

(aka Croaked:  Frog Monster from Hell) Wisconsin based filmmaker,  Bill Rebane, is probably best remembered (thanks to the efforts of MST3K) for the bungled mess Herschell Gordon Lewis made of his Monster a-Go Go and his later, more successful The Giant Spider Invasion. In fact, if one accepts the flaws caused by his low budgets, his best films are reasonably well […]

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The Vesuvius Xperiment (2015)

If you haven’t heard of Joshua Kennedy by now, you should have. Really.  It’s your own fault. Joshua is one of a growing number of young filmmakers who turn out remarkable films for next to nothing, the garage bands of the film world.  He is also one of the more accomplished of that small but […]

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Feeders 2: Slay Bells (1998)

Two years after Feeders became a certified direct to video hit (as Blockbuster’s number one Independent film rental of the year) the Polonia Brothers made a sequel of sorts. This is a seriously strange film. Feeders, for all the inevitable flaws of a film made for next to nothing, was more or less a straightforward aliens invade and kill […]

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Galaxy (1986)

(AKA Battle for the Lost Planet, Galaxy Destroyer) Brett Piper‘s second feature is a huge improvement over his first. Well, mostly.  It doesn’t have as many stop motion monsters.  And that is, of course, what we really want to see in one of his films:  lots of monsters. But don’t worry.  They’re in there, along with […]

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The Galaxy Invader (1985)

Of Cinemagic founder Don Dohler‘s four science fiction films, this one is by far the least.  It is also the one that falls furthest from his standard, “Alien Factor” plot. Okay, not by much, but you have to admit it is big change-up:  a sympathetic alien, on the run from murderous locals? At any rate, most of […]

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Mysterious Planet (1982)

If there is ever an award given for the worst sound in a Motion Picture, I’m afraid this film will probably carry away a lifetime achievement award. Which is a shame.  With a halfway decent dub track it probably would have played endlessly on the Superstation and ended up a cult favorite like Don Dohler‘s The […]

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