The Killer Shrews (1959)

It came as a mild surprise to me to learn that this one was made in the Fifties. I’d pictured it as a product of the wave of environmentally-themed nature run amuch films of the Seventies, like Night of the Lepus or Frogs.  Instead we have a black and white B-movie made with a B-movie […]

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The Dark Planet (1989)

This one is far too strange for most of you.  So be warned. Those of you who read Creepy, Eerie or Heavy Metal have undoubtedly encountered Richard Corben’s comics;  if not there then perhaps you’ve caught the stories he’s been doing  lately with Mike Mignola (including that Hellboy book with the Frankenstein monster).  Corben is a master of atmosphere, […]

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The Milpitas Monster (1976)

This one reminds me of Samuel Johnson’s quip about the dog standing on its hind legs:  The amazing thing is not how well it can do it but that it can do it at all…. The Milpitas Monster is one of those giant mutant creatures that gave us so much trouble back in the Fifties, […]

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Bleak Future (1997)

The name’s Slangman.  One word.  As in Slang-Man, as in the Man of Slang!  As in THE Slangman! It is hard to know where to start with this one. It started out as a Super 8 film, which calls to mind those films the Eighties generation of filmmakers made at home with their cameras (see, for example, […]

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Repligator (1996)

What does it say about a film that it steals from Time Tracers (retitled Time Trap for its recent limited DVD release), which borrowed footage from two other films, and even worked in a Civil War re-enactment? Pretty desperate, right? Bret McCormick, who made a lot of cheap SF and horror films back in the Eighties and […]

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Diverge (2016)

Cold.  Mud.  Wind.  Endless expanses of mud flats reaching out into the hazy distance.  And off on the horizon? plumes of smoke and ruined cities. Something has gone wrong.  A devastating plague has eliminated most of the population, and sent most of the survivors into quarantine.  Only a few people manage to survive on their […]

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