Sentinel 2099 SE (2018)

I have to admit it makes my day when I open a new DVD and find inside a short full-color mini-comic book. Not only is it a fun little extra, but it suggests that someone put in some overtime creating extra layers of depth to its world. More than most SF films do, perhaps. This […]

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Music of the Spheres (1984)

There are some films out there that are so curious it is hard to know what to think of them. Somehow, it seems like a lot of them ended up on video back in the Eighties. Music of the Spheres was one of those films funded by the Canadian government.  They used to fund lots […]

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Revenge of the Spacemen (2014)

Aliens arrive in a small town and it’s up to a small group of drunken teenagers, a family of white trash bootleggers and a couple of clueless local cops to survive the terrible assault of fart jokes, anal probing jokes, beer jokes, lousy film quality, poor acting, dreadful sound and even worse attempts at humor […]

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Island Zero (2018)

We’ve got one of those all time classic set ups:  a tiny island off the Maine coast suddenly finds itself cut off from the rest of the world:  the ferry doesn’t show up, they can’t reach anyone on the radio and the phones aren’t working. And, of course, as this is your standard model horror […]

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Planet of Dinosaurs (1977)

Back in 1977, a group of young special effects artists got together to make a science fiction film, Planet of Dinosaurs. Now this is one of those films you can’t watch with any illusions:  they didn’t have much cash, their no-name cast isn’t particularly good, the script is just as bad, and there’s a lot of […]

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Vinyl (1965)

There’s “odd” and then there’s Andy Warhol “odd.” Warhol had a rather strange notion of film, where you ignored all the things typical moviemakers do and just focused on putting things on film.  I suppose he’d talk about immediacy or honesty, but as those things included not just props, scenery or fancy editing, but rehearsals, […]

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Fear Chamber (1968)

(aka Chamber of Fear, The Torture Chamber, Torture Zone) This one is genuinely bizarre.  It has to be the strangest mix of utter nonsense I’ve ever seen. Boris Karloff was dying , but being the consummate professional he was, he kept making movies right up almost to the end.  This was one of his four last […]

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