Man Beast (1956)

This was Jerry Warren’s first film. Which makes it much harder to explain why it was so much better than most — or perhaps, nearly all — of his films that followed. In fact, he followed it up with the exceedingly dull Teenage Zombies. Go figure. Now don’t get the wrong idea here: this is an […]

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The Visitants (1986)

How can I describe this?… He looks like a forty-year old Archie Andrews who never left Riverdale (or graduated, for that matter), complete with that signature bow tie. Which is hardly what we expect from someone who is supposed to be a teenager in a small Eighties town. I know, we’re not supposed to notice […]

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Dark Universe (1993)

All right, let’s start with the strangest part of this film. This one starts out in space, with the shuttle Nautilus, a private vessel built by genius industrialist Rod Kendrick (played by Martin Sheen’s brother, Joe Estevez, whose voice you’ve probably heard if you think you just heard Martin in a commercial).  You are allowed […]

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Glass Trap (2005)

This must be Fred Olen Ray’s best picture. Seriously. Glass Trap is a solid and entertaining little B-Monster Movie which doesn’t pretend to be anything else. And we all know how rare those are. It helps that its basic plot is equally classic — or “cliched” for those of you more cynical than I am. […]

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Doctor of Doom (1979)

You’re having dinner at home with a few guests and your old friend and neighbor, Don Carlo, shows up talking about how he plans to destroy you all. Good ol’ Don! I suppose it would be a socially awkward moment — if anyone noticed, that is… So, naturally, Don goes off to his mad scientist […]

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The Face of Marble (1946)

Once again I find myself about to write the words “better than the average Monogram Horror film,” and I suddenly find myself reminded of the many times recently when I’ve written “A better than average SyFy Network movie.” And in a way the two really fill the same niche of the film market: low budget […]

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I Eat Your Skin (1971)

(AKA Voodoo Blood Bath,  Zombie Bloodbath, Invasion of the Zombies, Zombie, Zombies, Voodoo Island) Uggh.  What a title. Fortunately it really doesn’t fit. Don’t be fooled by the date, either.  Director Del “Horror of Party Beach” Tenney actually made this one in 1964 but it went unreleased until some marketing “genius” got the idea of […]

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Primal Scream (1987)

(aka Hellfire) I’ve given a lot of attention over the last few years to small films — whether SOV, DIY, or low budget Indies from dedicated creators and production companies — and to their special place in the film world.  But I haven’t written much about the role played by small distribution companies who put […]

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Drawing Flies (1996)

Honorable Mention (Well it might be Science Fiction, if you stick around long enough.  Wait and see) Kevin Smith made a Bigfoot film? Well…not quite.  He only produced it.  It is in his View Askew Universe, and was produced by View Askew Productions.  Two of his friends, Malcolm Ingram and Matt Gissing, wrote and directed, […]

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