Mutant Hunt (1987)

So, we’re going to hire a mercenary to hunt down some…ummmmmm…“Mutant Androids” that are ten times stronger than a normal man, so naturally we’re going to hire the guy who is going to fight them with… His bare hands. I suppose it would make more sense if you knew this one was directed by Tim […]

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Among Us (2004)

(aka Bigfoot Among Us) This is a remarkable film. And perhaps what is even more remarkable is that it was made by the Polonia Brothers. For those of you who still haven’t encountered them, the Polonia Brothers started out as a pair of teen-aged Pennsylvania twins who became cult heroes with their silly gorefest SOV […]

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Monster Movie (2008)

(aka Dinosaur Activity) You are cleaning out your storeroom at the University and you find a pile of film cans full of unused 16mm film stock. What do you do? Well, if you are Mark Polonia, you use them to make a movie about a guy who finds a stockpile of 16mm film stock and […]

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Battle: New York, Day 2 (2011)

There’s a terrible flash of light and most of the people in New York City vanish all at once. The few who are left have become mindless drones following the instructions of the big machines which have just arrived. Except there are a few survivors who haven’t joined the ranks of the zombie-like drones. And […]

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Norman (2020)

I’m speechless. You never know, when you watch the latest Indie film, exactly what to expect.  Even if you’ve read the canned plot summaries and seen a few stills and the poster.  Every once in a while some incredible young filmmaker comes along and completely destroys your expectations, giving you the film you never would […]

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Monster (2008)

The Asylum is one of those names which is instantly familiar to those of us who’ve spent far too much time in video stores. Their specialty is what are known as “Mockbusters,” movies which are more or less similar to current or upcoming hit movies and which usually feature roughly similar artwork to the real […]

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