Repligator (1996)

What does it say about a film that it steals from Time Tracers (retitled Time Trap for its recent limited DVD release), which borrowed footage from two other films, and even worked in a Civil War re-enactment? Pretty desperate, right? Bret McCormick, who made a lot of cheap SF and horror films back in the Eighties and […]

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Diverge (2016)

Cold.  Mud.  Wind.  Endless expanses of mud flats reaching out into the hazy distance.  And off on the horizon? plumes of smoke and ruined cities. Something has gone wrong.  A devastating plague has eliminated most of the population, and sent most of the survivors into quarantine.  Only a few people manage to survive on their […]

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Spaceman (1997)

It’s always strange when you run into someone in the “wrong” place. In this case, it’s the writer/director, Scott Dikkers.  He’s the cartoonist responsible for the very strange and low-key cult comic strip, Jim’s Journal, which once appeared in College papers all over the country, and the editor (and chief writer) of the humorous news […]

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The Late Night Double Feature (2014)

Looking at his most recent set of films, it seems to me that Christopher R. Mihm has felt the need to find new avenues to explore with his growing collection of “new old, good bad” films:  they include a hard-edged and noirish revenge thriller;  a children’s film; a post-apocalyptic spaghetti “Midwestern” currently in production; and this […]

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