No Such Thing As Gravity (1989)

This is a strange one. But that’s okay.  Strange, even arty-strange can be fun.  Particularly when a film is strange enough to overcome its liabilities and be constantly entertaining. We have a dreary, black and white world where everything is run by a single man, who just happens to be the head of the LaFont […]

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Spawn of the Slithis (1978)

(aka Slithis) Think Jaws, with a gill man. We have the crusading reporter — even if he’s just an ex-reporter, teaching Journalism to High School students — who has uncovered the greatest story ever, only he can’t convince anyone that there’s a big, murderous creature on the loose, committing one atrocity after another. And, yes, […]

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Reptisaurus (2009)

This one is notable because it was the first film directed by Fred Olen Ray’s son, Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray. That is the only notable thing about it. Fred has a certain reputation among bad movie fans for turning out a seemingly endless number of mostly terrible exploitation films, many in the horror, soft porn or […]

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Schlock (1973)

File this one under “you have to start somewhere.” In fact two well-known film professionals got their start with this one:  its director, John Landis, would go on to make such films as Animal House and An American Werewolf in London; while the apeman suit was the first of Rick Baker’s monster creations to reach […]

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Futuropolis (1984)

It’s amazing how many films came out on VHS and have never been re-released. Which isn’t to say that many — or even most — of them don’t deserve to languish in obscurity. But thanks to the wonders of Youtube, a lot of films that were just a whisper heard here or there, a comment […]

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Space Mutiny (1988)

This one was made by A.I.P. Now, I know what you’re thinking: American Independent Pictures, the same company that churned out hundreds of low budget films by Roger Corman, Bert I. Gordon, Edward L. Cahn, Larry Buchanan and others like them.  And you would be wrong. Instead, we are talking about Action Independent Pictures, which made a lot […]

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