MFKZ [Mutafukaz] (2017)

Ignore the fact that GKids released this one.  It definitely isn’t for kids. Although that would be a lot more obvious had it been released in the U.S. under its original name. A few years ago, Studio 4C, who have long been noted for their strange and unusual animated films, released Tekkonkinkreet: It got a […]

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Happy Feet (2006)

[Spoilers Ahead!] Happy Feet…A science fiction film? Don’t be silly. However, it is an unacknowledged remake of a classic Science Fiction film from the Seventies. Or of one of many other, basically similar science fiction films about alien encounters. Okay, you’ve see animated films before so you know the sort of thing: a kid who […]

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Missing Pages (2006)

The French Nouvelle Vague short film, La Jetee, occupies an interesting place in science fiction cinema. It is hailed as a great art film and formal experiment — and yet at the same time it is held to be a SF classic. There are only a few films you can say that about. It uses […]

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Memories [Memorîzu] (1995)

As I noted in my review for Steamboy, Katsuhiro Otomo has played an incredibly important role in the development of Japanese Anime.  While he may only have directed two films (with a third, Orbital Era, in the works), he has been involved in dozens of films, providing scripts, storyboards, character designs, production help and who knows […]

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