A Spanish Sci Fi Horror film, with a brick-in-the-face final twist

Brett Piper, cool monsters, H.P. Lovecraft…What’s not to love?

Yet another Fifties homage.  At least it isn’t The Alien Dead

Satiric Australian SF car movie – but the cars just sit there.  Mostly

Lopushansky’s ugly post-Apocalyptic film – shot with incredible beauty

A reasonably good B-Movie.  What more can you ask?

Off the wall, absurd, wickedly entertaining – and shot in 3 days for $24,000.

One of the cultiest cult SF films ever made.  With lots of frogs.

A TV movie about a “singular” AI run amok

Lost Fifties SF film?  No, just a TV series pilot with John Agar.

We have seen the future and it is cardboard.


Routine alien abduction schlock.  And the device is just a billiard ball

Moody Gothic Jess Franco mad scientist film.  But it’s fun

The Polonia Brothers, The Planet of the Apes with Dinosaurs – and “more”.

Solid time-twister, with some heavy duty quantum mechanics talk

Science Fiction and Sock puppets.  Only stranger.

Unsettling mystery about the last isolated survivors of a global pandemic

Like a slow, glum, talky version of The Terminator.  Only not as much fun

Solid adaptation of BBC SF TV series.

Honorable mention.  An absurd Chanbara epic – with a Frankenstein monster?

Incredible deep space film that only cost 5000 Pounds

Dilbert meets Independence Day.   Only funnier.