Surprisingly good Eighties kids’ science fiction film

A cyberpunk Hong Kong Chopsockey film? Really?

Cute little girl’s pet destroys the city.  Gangsters kill everyone else

  • DA ZAI NAN (1976)

See Zhan shen

  • Dà zhangyú (2020)

See Big Octopus

Lost film Remake/Reboot/Sequel/Reimaging/Historical documentary


See Kaijû daifunsen: Daigorou tai Goriasu

Insane Ultra mashup.  Non-stop and hyperactive.  Lots of fun

Nuclear blast wakes giant turtle.  For the first time!…

Nikkatsu’s first — and only — Kaiju epic. The next one would have been better

Who knew dead Godzilla-sized monsters were so much trouble?

A world where Ultraman is…just a TV series?


See Brain 17

Peter Cushing returns as the Doctor and enjoys it more

The big truck is the real star

Indiana Jones, The Goonies and Guardians of the Galaxy all in one?  Not really

  • Danger USA (1989)

See Mind Trap

Christopher R. Mihm and puppets.  A dangerous combination?

Tobe Hooper’s greatest career move:  he refused to direct this one!

  • Dark Angel (1990)

See I Come In Peace

High Noon, by way of Outland, only with… Dean Cain???

Aliens lurking in the woods, people going missing, but it’s not what you think

A Spanish Sci Fi Horror film, with a brick-in-the-face final twist

  • THE DARK KNIGHT (2011)

See Dark Nemesis

Something stole Annie Knox’s daughter. She won’t stop till she gets her back

Aliens send message to create a messenger to send…a much shorter message?

Post-Apocalyptic Sword and Sorcery.  With mutant flying monsters…

A murky, incomprehensible and ultimately compelling film by Richard Corben

  • Dark Planet (2009)

See Obitaemyy ostrov [Inhabited Island]

  • Dark Planet:  Rebellion (2009)

See Obitaemyy ostrov: Skhvatka [Inhabited Island 2: Rebellion]

The Devil, the Bermuda Triangle, and…a shuttle the size of Cincinnati?

Brett Piper, cool monsters, H.P. Lovecraft…What’s not to love?

I didn’t hate it.  Really

Cross Alien’s Xenomorph with Barney and it would still be scarier…

Something is out there in the woods…

Virtual reality prison reality bender which mostly makes sense

Wild, weird, dark, disturbing, outrageous and wacky Sam Raimi Superhero

  • Dave Thomas: The Incredible Time Travels of Henry Osgood (1986)

See The Incredible Time Travels of Henry Osgood

  • Daxue guai (2019)

See Snow Monster

Rare Gerry Anderson TV movie.  It just isn’t that exciting

Yet another Fifties homage.  At least it isn’t The Alien Dead

No invasion, more like an extended Twilight Zone episode


See Fukkatsu no hi [Virus]

Ozone holes mean more radiation:  it’s monster movie time!

  • Day of Wrath (1985)

See Den gneva

  • The Day the Sky Exploded (1958)

See La morte viene dallo spazio

Natassja Kinski tries to help a little boy.  But then dad comes home…

Lots of wild effects.  Not much of anything else

  • Dead City (1995)

See Legion of the Night

Pumping water into the ground caused the zombie Apocalypse

Absolutely minimal, no thrills, borrowed from Vonnegut — but real models.

Satiric Australian SF car movie – but the cars just sit there.  Mostly

  • Dead Kids (1981)

See Strange Behavior

Lopushansky’s ugly post-Apocalyptic film – shot with incredible beauty

A cheap remake of a cheap rip-off…


Wes Craven’s cute-robot-meets-unkillable-slasher teen romance

  • Deadly Stingers (2003)

See Mega Scorpions 

Tragic story about a young man and his death ray

Alex Cox’s version of the classic Jorge Louis Borges’ story

Post-Apocalyptic Western? Well….


See Psychic Killer

Brutal Killer Robot movie.  With a totally unhinged Brad Dourif.  Amazing

Zero budget post-Apocalyptic thriller.  It’s really, really cheap

A lot of everything.  Just don’t expect it to make much sense.

Rutger Hauer in a corrupt, future…Soviet Union?  Okay…

Jedi with motorcycles?  Only from Roger Corman, right?

A reasonably good B-Movie.  What more can you ask?

Cyborgs with saws only complicate your marital problems…

Off the wall, absurd, wickedly entertaining – and shot in 3 days for $24,000.

One of the cultiest cult SF films ever made.  With lots of frogs.

Species — as a college sex comedy?  Pretty close

A guy meets a robot in a bar, a crazy dance makes man see star…

  • Deep Burial (2017)

See Atomica

John Carl Buechler brings horrible monster to life…

Wang Renchao finally makes his spaceship epic!  Oh, and it’s amazing.  Of course

Fred Olen Ray’s best picture.  A watchable time waster.  With Bagpipes

Fun B-Movie deep-sea monster madness…

Brutal, non-stop cyborg police movie from Canada

Dry run for a Classic Anime! But that’s about it

A TV movie about a “singular” AI run amok

  • Delta Space Mission (1984)

See Misiunea spatialã Delta

An Action Movie that comments on…Action movies?  Pass the Popcorn!

  • Demon (1976)

See God Told Me To

  • Demon Heaven: Ghost Hero (1990)

See Youkai tengoku: Ghost Hero

Commandos brave endless parallel dimensions to fight a demon computer

A sinister castle on an island, a mysterious host, a clockwork death machine

Routine Slasher film with Bigfoot killer turns into It Came from Outer Space

Like a Russian Heart of Darkness.  With Science Fiction

  • Densô ningen (1960)

See The Secret of the Telegian

  • Der Tunnel (1915)

See Der Tunnel (1915)

  • Descent Into Darkness (2002)

See Dark Descent

A beautiful but minimal film:  3 characters, a single camera and monsters

Lost Fifties SF film?  No, just a TV series pilot with John Agar.

We have seen the future and it is cardboard.

Elegant and beautifully made film about a father and son — and time travel


Routine alien abduction schlock.  And the device is just a billiard ball

My favorite Bela Lugosi film.  With kindly Dr. Carruthers

A missing mine?  A vanished town?  Who cares, we want the anthracite

Todd Browning film about Revenge and Mad Science.  With little people

  • Devil Fish (1984)

See Rosso nell’oceano

  • Devil on the Mountain (2006)

See Sasquatch Mountain

A famous incident explained???  Found footage with weird final twist

A ghost story which goes in a surprising direction

Moody Gothic Jess Franco mad scientist film.  But it’s fun

  • Diamond Pyramid (1985)

See Gyémántpiramis

  • Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! (2000)

See Dejimon adobenchâ: Bokura no wô gêmu!


See Adéla jeste nevecerela

  • Dinosaur Activity (2008)

See Monster Movie

Brett Piper’s Bikini Cavegirl epic — with lots of cool dinos and bare boobies

The Polonia Brothers, The Planet of the Apes with Dinosaurs – and “more”.

Time travel, dinosaurs and a French Alien Ripoff — for next to nothing

Dinosaurs, Bikini Cave Girls and bare boobs, courtesy of Fred Olen Ray

Simple but beautiful family adventure.  Pleasant

Government project starts eating people.  Solid Fred Olen Ray Monster movie

Sexual harassment, corporate politics and…Cyberspace?…

Witty Italian comedy, with Alberto Sordi playing four roles…

  • Dislocation (1986)

See Cuo wei

Solid time-twister, with some heavy-duty quantum mechanics talk

Is there more than survival after the end of the world?

A sedate and very British Frankenstein story — in Cornwall…

  • Dr. Iven’s Silence (1974)

See Molchaniye doktora Ivensa

Trashy Jess Franco take on the Classic villain.  Not bad

  • Dr. Mabuse Strikes Back (1972)

See Dr. M schlägt zu

Early Tim Burton madness: Monty Python-esque mad scientist film

A silent time travel comedy — made in 2007…

One of the most sympathetic movie monsters ever…

Better than I remembered!  Peter Cushing as The Doctor

Paul “Otaking” Johnson’s incredible Who Anime mashup!

  • Doctor Who:  DALEKS’ INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D. (1966)

See Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (1966)

The greatest “coulda been” in the history of Doctor Who…

They finally finished the legendary lost Who episode!  Whoo Hooo!

Weird murders in a dark, spooky, ill-lit…Research hospital?

Science Fiction and Sock puppets.  Only stranger.

  • The Doll (1962)

See La poupée

Tim Thomerson is Brick Bardo, interstellar cop, 14 inches tall!

Unsettling mystery about the last isolated survivors of a global pandemic

Eerie and unsettling mystery which might involve theoretical physics…

  • Don’t Play with Martians (1968)

See Ne jouez pas avec les Martiens

Darth Vader with a toaster on his head? Iranian Star Wars copy

Big, dumb and silly videogame movie.  Big, dumb and silly enough to be fun


Like a slow, glum, talky version of The Terminator.  Only not as much fun

Solid adaptation of BBC SF TV series.

The pilot for George R.R. Martin’s parallel Earths TV series

Brilliant — and highly influential — Soviet space travel documentary

Honorable mention.  An absurd Chanbara epic – with a Frankenstein monster?

  • Dot Com for Murder (2002)

See .com for Murder

There’s a lot going on.  It just isn’t exciting

It’s like Moebius made an Anime film on the set of Gunhed

Kevin Smith’s Bigfoot film? Well…sorta

  • Dream Breaker (2018)

See Po meng youxi

Just when you thought it was safe to…take a nap?  Classic 80s Sci Fi Horror

Incredible deep space film that only cost 5000 Pounds

Dark Japanese children’s film I wouldn’t show to children…

Fred Olen Ray’s Blade Runner.  With lots of naked boobs.  Naturally

Dilbert meets Independence Day.   Only funnier.

Two minutes into the future causes lots of trouble!  Brilliant time travel comedy

Lone astronaut stranded on the Moon — with a Kangaroo

Two Sarahs enter, one Sarah leaves…

Epic version of the Epic

Well, you knew Mark Polonia would make a film with “Dune” in the title…

  • The Dungeonmaster (1984)

See Ragewar

It’s Rosemary’s Yog Shothoth!

Classic Polonia Brothers, with Mark, John and Jon McBride all starring

  • The Dyatlov Pass Incident (2013)

See Devil’s Pass