Christopher R. Mihm and puppets.  A dangerous combination?

  • Dark Angel (1990)

See:   I Come In Peace

A Spanish Sci Fi Horror film, with a brick-in-the-face final twist

A murky, incomprehensible and ultimately compelling film by Richard Corben

Brett Piper, cool monsters, H.P. Lovecraft…What’s not to love?

I didn’t hate it.  Really

Yet another Fifties homage.  At least it isn’t The Alien Dead

Lots of wild effects.  Not much of anything else

Satiric Australian SF car movie – but the cars just sit there.  Mostly

Lopushansky’s ugly post-Apocalyptic film – shot with incredible beauty

A cheap remake of a cheap rip-off…


Wes Craven’s cute-robot-meets-unkillable-slasher teen romance

Brutal Killer Robot movie.  With a totally unhinged Brad Dourif.  Amazing

A lot of everything.  Just don’t expect it to make much sense.

A reasonably good B-Movie.  What more can you ask?

Off the wall, absurd, wickedly entertaining – and shot in 3 days for $24,000.

One of the cultiest cult SF films ever made.  With lots of frogs.

Fred Olen Ray’s best picture.  A watchable time waster.  With Bagpipes

Brutal, non-stop cyborg police movie from Canada

A TV movie about a “singular” AI run amok

Commandos brave endless parallel dimensions to fight a demon computer

  • Densô ningen (1960)

See The Secret of the Telegian

A beautiful but minimal film:  3 characters, a single camera and monsters

Lost Fifties SF film?  No, just a TV series pilot with John Agar.

We have seen the future and it is cardboard.


Routine alien abduction schlock.  And the device is just a billiard ball

A ghost story which goes in a surprising direction

Moody Gothic Jess Franco mad scientist film.  But it’s fun

The Polonia Brothers, The Planet of the Apes with Dinosaurs – and “more”.

Solid time-twister, with some heavy duty quantum mechanics talk

Is there more than survival after the end of the world?

Better than I remembered!  Peter Cushing as The Doctor

Paul “Otaking” Johnson’s incredible Who Anime mashup!

The greatest “coulda been” in the history of Doctor Who…

They finally finished the legendary lost Who episode!  Whoo Hooo!

Science Fiction and Sock puppets.  Only stranger.

Tim Thomerson is Brick Bardo, interstellar cop, 14 inches tall!

Unsettling mystery about the last isolated survivors of a global pandemic

Like a slow, glum, talky version of The Terminator.  Only not as much fun

Solid adaptation of BBC SF TV series.

Honorable mention.  An absurd Chanbara epic – with a Frankenstein monster?

Incredible deep space film that only cost 5000 Pounds

Dilbert meets Independence Day.   Only funnier.

  • The Dungeonmaster (1984)

See Ragewar