Out of Time (2021)

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday, Chauncey…. I have never heard of a crowd-funded Indian film before.  In fact, I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of an independent Indian film, either. Nor is Out of Time much like any Indian film I’ve ever seen: for starters, it is remarkably short — a brisk […]

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Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

I knew this was going to happen. After all, it keeps happening to the big green guy.  Sooner or later, the Legendary American version of him was bound to end up back in the Seventies. I know, I know.  You’re thinking “You mean the Sixties.  After all, that’s when he fought King Kong before.” But, […]

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A Quiet Place Part II (2020)

I’m going to tell you something you already know: A Quiet Place Part II is not as good as the first film. It is hardly a surprise.  After all, the first film was a tour de force, the sort of film few mainstream directors try to make anymore.  John Krasinski set several major challenges for […]

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The Tomorrow War (2021)

There’s a moment in The Tomorrow War which you might call the “kitchen sink” moment, the point when you suspect someone said, “well, we’ve got everything else in here…” and tossed in that kitchen sink. I mean, there aren’t too many movies where someone finds an alien spaceship buried under the ice, then uses thermite […]

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The Arrival (1991)

(aka The Unwelcomed, Alienator 2) A meteorite crashes to Earth during Max Page’s 73rd Birthday party.  Only something survives and starts taking over Max. Before you know it, he’s rapidly getting younger and killing young women to drink their blood. Now the first real surprise here was seeing Richard Band’s name in the credits.  Richard […]

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Bugs (2003)

When I watch one of the SciFi (now “Syfy”) network’s collection of “originals.” the first question i ask is, “which movie are they ripping off this time?” Yeah, we know they do make the odd film or two which is actually original.  But that’s a lot like finding a rare coin in your pocket change.  […]

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