Extremely minimal Ga-nime adaptation of classic HPL stories…

Saving the world in an online game

Cyberspace is a practical model and the young hackers are…Cool?

See Atomica

Uggh. Sex, boobs, catfights, and five minutes of giant monster fun…

Just another Italian Cyborg-on-the-loose arm wrestling movie


See Urutora 6-kyodai tai kaijû gundan [Hanuman vs. 7 Ultraman]

Close Encounters of the Penguin Kind…

But John Carpenter’s The Thing didn’t have Water Bears!

Intelligent but glitzy SF Action film from (almost) behind the Berlin Wall.

Just as wild and kinetic as a live-action, first person shooter game

Savage, brutal, ferocious, ugly, and very, very punk cyberpunk film

Family helps a mysterious creature go home.  But it’s not E.T.

Dinosaurs in a country house…

  • Haunters (2010)

See Cho-neung-ryeok-ja

TV movie based on the Curt Siodmak novel

Weird and slightly dull

  • Health Warning (1983)

See Da lui toi


See Srdecný pozdrav ze zemekoule

  • The Heat of a Thousand Suns (1965)

See La brûlure de mille soleils

Lots of kickboxing, not much science fiction. Heck, it’s barely a movie…

An alien killer bee movie — without the swarms of bees…

It’s not an Alien rip-off, it’s a Galaxy of Terror rip-off!

  • Hell’s Labyrinth (2007)

See Carnivorous

An ominous insect documentary pretending to be SF

Bizarre, disturbing, and constantly surprising monster movie

Proof that the Italian Hercules series was running out of ideas…

Harry Piel’s giant robot movie

  • Heru Tageto (1987)

See Hell Target

Epic animated film based on Osamu Tezuka’s masterpiece

Let’s throw everything in one movie and hope someone can sort it out!

Post-Apocalyptic family hides from the Breathers.  From the Duffer Brothers…

Zombies come to Thorsby, and it messes up everyone’s day

Teen hangs out with his AI.  Until it threatens to destroy everything…

Yee Haw!  Aliens invade the Old West, SyFy-style!

A chilling and effective Sf/Horror/Western from the USA Network…

J.G. Ballard’s Futuristic SF novel, but set in the Seventies.  And not SF

Insane, silly, absurd, cartoonish, ludicrous, ridiculous.  Sheer non-stop fun

Light-hearted spy comedy which should have been made in the 30s

  • His Name Was Robert (1967)

See Evo Zvali Robert

Elegant and beautiful film about an Android becoming more human

A History Channel-style documentary which definitely isn’t what it seems…

Patrick Troughton plays an eccentric time traveller… But not that one…

Paul Verhoeven’s Invisible Man.  Not bad.

Sinister virtual reality slasher game — Only it’s not Brainscan

Some films are so routine they transcend mere routine-ness…

The Spanish Ed Wood?  Nah, not really.  Cheap, Weird and Unique

The Invisible Man in Mexico pretty much covers it

Fun for the whole family.  On a big small scale…


See Zhan shen

  • Hoplite 2000 (2017)

See Future Soldier


See Night of the Bloody Apes

Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee vs. a body-hopping alien

Wait a minute…Is that supposed to be an alien scientist?  Chilly British horror

  • HORROR Y SEXO (1969)

See Night of the Bloody Apes

So much promise, but… Great monsters and not much else

Some new life in the giant monster movie

One woman, one monster: who will survive?

Is it science fiction?  Well…maybe.  But it is a good, low-key Crime thriller

  • The House by the Cemetery (1981)

See Quella villa accanto al cimitero

  • HOUSE OF BLOOD (1976)

See Mansion of the Doomed

  • House of Terror (1960)

See La casa del terror

  • House of the Beautiful Head (1989)

See Xiong zhai mei ren tou

It’s Nazi Germany outside.  Just don’t go out to check…

Bigfoot moves in next door. There goes the neighborhood!

  • How About a Plate of Spinach? (1977)

See Coz takhle dát si spenát

Making a scary videogame is more dangerous than you thought…

Gorgeous Japanese Kaiju Eiga film redolent of myth and legend

The Computer says George Kennedy has only a 2% chance of surviving

  • The Human Vapor (1960)

See Gasu ningen dai 1 gô

What’s Nicholas Cage doing in an old Christian Bale film?…

Lonely monsters try to help us but are hated.  And they still want to be human!

At least it’s over

The Martian meets Red Planet? A flying whale? A Chinese streaming movie?

Very familiar killer mutant on the loose film.  But it has the Landmaster!

  • The Hybrid (2014)

See Scintilla

  • Hyôryu kyôshitsu (1987)

See The Drifting Classroom

Stylish Black and White Retro Soviet thriller

What if Wes Anderson made a Superhero movie?…

Lord Buckethead seeks Princess Serina — on the wrong planet…