El hombre que logró ser invisible [Invisible Man in Mexico] (1958)

AKA, The New Invisible Man

If you say this is the Mexican version of The Invisible Man, you’ve pretty much summed it up.

A noted scientist is hard at work developing an invisibility serum when his brother is falsely accused of murder.  They help him escape by giving him the serum, and then try to keep him from the police.  Only the drug starts to drive him mad…

This is an okay version of the story.  It’s been updated a little, and it does allow the Invisible Man to actually carry out some of the nasty schemes that H.G. Wells’ original character only dreams about.  The dubbing is actually not that bad and the hero’s voice sounds a lot like Lon Chaney, Jr. (which is probably deliberate).

Like most of the Mexican horrors of the era, it looks and feels a lot like one of Universal’s Horror films, with some quite nice black and white atmospheric cinematography. The invisibility effects, while quite crude in places compared to Universal’s series of Invisible Man films, are actually fairly imaginative and mostly successful, although we see too much of the man with the “headless” suit.

But it isn’t one of the better Mexican efforts (The Black Pit of Doctor M is far, far better!) and it feels a bit routine.

But it’s not a bad time waster – if you really, really want to see an invisible man movie.



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