The Hellstrom Chronicle (1971)

It’s an interesting oddity.  But that’s about it.

The Hellstrom Chronicle might best be described as a documentary trying to disguise itself as an SF film.  The sincere, calm – but clearly deeply worried – scientist, Dr. Nils Hellstrom, has an urgent warning for the human race:  he’s studied the insect world and what he finds there is terrifying!

In reality, it is an excuse to present a stunning collation of insect microphotography, with the narration about insects taking over the world (and NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO ME!!!) added to tie it all together.

Dr. Hellstrom, of course, never really existed.  However, like the real sensationalizers  (think Erich Von Daniken), his narration deftly dances away from all the promised sinister revelations of the truth about insects only to go on and make other, even more frightening claims.

It is fascinating, but one does have to wonder:

How many people were taken in by Hellstrom’s talk of an imminent conquest of our world by the insects?



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