The Killer Eye (1999)

“…an Alternate Universe…” “…Like New Jersey?” This is officially the best line in the movie. You now have no reason to watch it. Really.  I mean it.  None whatsoever.  Nada.  Zip.  Stay away from this thing. I watched this because someone said it was so bad it was good.  Nope,  Not a chance.  Just bad. […]

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Phantasm: Ravager (2016)

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!) Phantasm would seem to be the Platonic ideal of a movie — or a movie franchise — that was exactly the sort of borderline, off-beat, non-traditional science fiction film this site is always looking for. And yet I have never reviewed any of the films in the series. Until now, that is. […]

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Space Ninjas (2019)

I’m really not surprised, after seeing Scott McQuaid’s name emblazoned across the top of the screen in letters only slightly smaller than those of the Title, “Space Ninjas”, to learn that the only thing Scott is notable for is… Directing Space Ninjas. I say that, not because Space Ninjas is obviously the work of a […]

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KillerSaurus (2015)

Not every film has to be a huge film. Particularly not when it is a conceptually interesting creature feature. I’ll admit it is familiar territory: a research project, trying to create a living creature from scratch, is a little too successful. While we’ve seen it before, there are some nice touches like the rather quirky […]

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Among Us (2004)

(aka Bigfoot Among Us) This is a remarkable film. And perhaps what is even more remarkable is that it was made by the Polonia Brothers. For those of you who still haven’t encountered them, the Polonia Brothers started out as a pair of teen-aged Pennsylvania twins who became cult heroes with their silly gorefest SOV […]

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