Live Again, Die Again (1974)

This one is unique. Joseph Stefano, who wrote the script for Psycho and was one of the leading creative forces behind The Outer Limits, is probably the reason this film does not fit neatly into any of our familiar, ready-made boxes. It starts out as science fiction as doctors work to thaw out Caroline Carmichael, […]

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Mortal Engines (2018)

This is a wild and extravagant film. I know the reviews have been unkind, but I suspect that it’s one of those films that will eventually gather a culty little reputation, once it escapes from the tiny box the reviewers have put it in and onto the small screen, like a lot of other, equally […]

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Castle of Evil (1966)

This one is strange. The basic description looks very familiar:  a millionaire’s friends and associates gather on a secluded island for the reading of his will.  They have to stay overnight in the Castle to find out what they’ve won, but someone — or something — is trying to kill them off one by one. […]

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Snowbeast (1977)

I wanted to see this film for a very long time. Admittedly, my interest waned a bit in more recent years, and I found it some time ago, but hadn’t watched it, thanks to the mostly negative reviews. But, no matter how poor the reviews, it was still written by Joe Stefano, a great screenwriter […]

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The Madmen of Mandoras (1963)

(Spoilers ahead — if you’ve been living under a rock…) This one is better known under the title of the version edited for television, They Saved Hitler’s Brain. Which, you have to admit, is a far better title.  Although it does give away one of the film’s big surprises, as we’re some time into the […]

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The Creeper (1948)

This one is a curious oddity. It plays out exactly like what it is, a copy of ‘s Cat People, complete with sinister cat slinking around, a young woman having strange dreams and beset with troubling fears, and plenty of Film Noir shadows lurking in the corners. But there’s also a research lab, a jealous […]

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Scintilla [The Hybrid] (2014)

This one wasn’t what I expected. The basic description was familiar.  A commando team sent into a secret research facility.  It brings to mind countless other similar films. But the beginning of the film is so radically different from something like, say, Aliens, that it comes as a real shock. This secret lab is not […]

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Alien Uprising (2008)

Look, there are some things that bother you so much that you have to say them right out: There is one thing no hard core special forces officer will do.  Not ever. It’s a question of discipline and morale.  Commissioned officers do NOT enter into sexual relationships with enlisted men in their chain of command. […]

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Canaries (2017)

(aka Alien Party Crashers) It’s simple, really. Time travelling aliens are out there, carrying out a long series of incursions that are part of some larger plan.  They’ve sent us a warning about their next attack,  a photo from a small and rather unsuccessful New Year’s Eve party in a tiny Welsh town some months in […]

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