Black Site (2018)

You never know what to expect from a Lovecraftian film. I mean, we all know the basics: the sheer horror of the abyss; beings older than our puny speck of a world; a cold, uncaring, multi-dimensional universe full of beings too powerful to even notice us, let alone care what happens to us Heck, you […]

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Mars (1997)

I suppose a few words about Avi Nesher are in order. Avi wrote, produced, or directed a lot of genre films in the late Nineties and early Nothings. While many of them are more or less routine B-Movies, they included several that are notably strange. She, the first English language film he directed, which features […]

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Cute Little Buggers (2017)

They’re at it again. You’d think the aliens would have something better to do by now than invade the Earth, but I guess it must be a tempting prospect: after all, we have something every self-respecting alien race wants. Women.  Lots of beautiful, genetically compatible females for them to breed with and produce a new […]

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Sky (1975)

Look, it’s a question of time and place. When a mysterious boy who seems to be from the future or another reality appears suddenly in England’s West Country and says he is looking for a mysterious intersection of all the lines of power called “the Juganet,” I instantly guessed what it was.  After all, I’ve […]

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Madelines (2022)

There is a solid lesson to be learned from Madelines: Never drink and time travel. Mind you, this is common sense: any experiment combining cutting edge homemade scientific equipment and lots of math demands clear and careful thought about every single step. Which makes rushing into it after you’ve had one (or more) too many […]

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No Escape (1994)

(aka, Escape from Absolom) Here we have a big, lushly produced, competently made, thrill packed, high-concept action film… Which completely bombed at the theater. These things happen. I’m not entirely sure why it failed.  No Escape is, admittedly, a somewhat familiar sort of story, a bit of a cross between Escape from New York and The Road […]

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Revenge of the Lost (2017)

I’ll confess that I sometimes find myself wishing I liked some of these films more than I do. This is particularly true of no-budget DIY films which have nothing but sheer determination behind them.  The sort of film which has no reserves of money or resources to pull it through. Or skill, for that matter. […]

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Disclosure (1994)

Honorable Mention Disclosure, was, of course, an unexpected consequence of Jurassic Park. Michael Crichton’s career was at a low ebb at the time, but the sudden overwhelming success of the movie made him one of the hottest properties in Hollywood.  By the time it wore off (after the back-to-back letdowns of The Thirteenth Warrior, Jurassic […]

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