Night Monster (1942)

Vibrations. You see, all matter is nothing but vibrations.  Modern Science has told us that.  But they weren’t the first ones to learn this.  Oh, no!  So, if you can learn the ancient science of the yogis — and yes, it was a science — then you can take matter apart and move it around […]

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The Frozen Dead (1966)

I just don’t understand. I mean, this one has so many things that should make it fun.  Not only do we have horrible experiments in an elegant British mansion and a string of zombie-like victims shambling about the place being whipped by a sadistic guard, but we have frozen Nazis!  A living head!  A secret […]

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Piranha (1978)

This is generally considered the best ripoff of Jaws ever made. Admittedly, that doesn’t give it much competition as most of the Jaws copies out there have been very, very bad.  However, it really should be that much of a surprise that this one turned out better than most as it was directed by a […]

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Razorteeth (2005)

There was a short film by Andy Kumpon some years ago called “Last Stop Station” which ends with an memorable final declaration:  “This project was made for less than $1000 dollars, shot on video, and edited with scotch tape, so what’s your excuse;” It’s one of those statements I think about a lot, particularly when […]

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Man Made Monster (1941)

A sideshow performer, Dan “The Electric Man” McCormick (Lon Chaney Jr.) survives when a bus crashes into high tension lines, thanks to a strange partial immunity he’s acquired to electric current from his act.  He agrees to take part in a few experiments to understand his gift, unaware the the good Scientist’s partner (played by […]

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