Shepherd (1998)

(aka, Cybercity) High up on my list of pet (movie) peeves, you will find the story which revolves around an all-important plot point — one which defines everything a character does — and yet is never actually explained. But we’ll get back to that in a bit. The other notable aspect of Shepherd is that […]

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Mind Benders (1987)

(aka, Invasion of the Mindbenders, Alien High) All right, I admit it.  The biggest question I have when it comes to Canadian films from the Eighties is “How in the world did this get made?” Now, I’ll admit that my point of view probably reflects the fact that, yes, the distinctively Canadian films from the […]

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Hackers (1995)

Style over substance? Well, let’s just say that Hackers is a fast and enjoyable thriller which has a sizeable overload of style.  There must be some substance under all that glitz. It’s curious because the same question could be asked of its director, Ian Softley’s next film, K-Pax, which was beautifully shot and designed but […]

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Megamind (2010)

Supervillains. It’s not exactly obvious to the uninitiated, but there are two distinct types of supervillain: The Bond villain and The Comic Book villain. It seemed a strange coincidence when two studios came out with movies with supervillains as heroes at the same time, but Despicable Me‘s Gru is clearly the Bond-iest of Bond Villains… […]

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Piranha 3DD (2012)

(aka, Piranha DD) You know how it goes. Someone out there recommends a film as a wild exploitation movie which is pure fun (this time around, I believe it was Mauler on one of his E.F.A.P. podcasts) and you actually go out and watch the thing. Let’s just say the results are…unpredictable. Now there are […]

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La poupée [The Doll] (1962)

Curiouser and curiouser. This was my third early Sixties Italian science fiction film for the weekend. And, by far, the oddest. Even for the early Sixties. Now there are still a few little-known science fiction movies from the age before Lucas lurking out there which I haven’t seen yet.  But it isn’t always easy to […]

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Omicron (1963)

Over the years I’ve heard about a lot of little known and obscure science fiction films. It is remarkable how many of the really obscure ones were made in Europe during the Sixties, and quite a few of them came from Italy, so many that I just spent the weekend watching three of these Sixties […]

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