Le Orme [aka, Footprints, Footprints on the Moon, Primal Impulse] (1975)

Giallo, of course, is an intriguing subgenre, a certain elegant Italian blend of a lonely beauty, a mysterious serial killer with a knife, and stunning, hypercolorful imagery.  Think of it as the Espresso version of the ordinary instant coffee slasher film.  But, no matter how your mysterious killer slices it, the notion of combing Giallo with science fiction is a little strange.

Or is that what’s going on here?

A young woman realizes that she’s lost several days of her life and retraces her steps to the resort hotel she stayed at.  Someone was murdered during her last visit, a stranger claims to know her, and she keeps having flashbacks to a sinister experiment, where a mad scientist, played by Klaus Kinski in typical scenery chewing mode, abandons an astronaut on the Moon to see how long he can live

She thinks this was just a Sci Fi film she saw years, but is that really all it is?

Whether it’s SF or not, this is a beautiful, little seen movie with loads of atmosphere, generous amounts of suspense, and a stunning, out of left field scene at the end that will stick with you whether you want it to or not.   Luigi Bazzoni may not have made more than a handful of films, but this one is definitely a keeper.

(movie available here.)


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