Time of Eve [Eve no jikan] (2010)

Perhaps the greatest testimonial one can give for this entirely excellent movie is that it is always fascinating and watchable – and yet most of its running time consists of people (and robots) talking together!

Time of Eve is a coffee shop in a future not so far away where androids and people can meet and talk without being required to identify just which they are.

Normally, androids, while they look human, are required to display a holographic ring above their heads so there is no confusion about what they are.  However, at Time of Eve  they are required to turn them them off – and the door is locked after each person leaves, so no one will be able to follow them out and learn the truth.

The result is a simple and beautiful film about relationships and emotions that marks its director, Yasuhiro Yoshiura as someone to watch.  His second full-length feature, Patema Inverted, is far more beautiful – and at least as imaginative.

One can only imagine what he’ll do next.


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