Bugged (1997)

This is a remarkably good Troma film. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. You’ve probably guessed what it’s about from the title:  giant bugs However, we get off to a very slow start with one of the worst exposition and flashback laden sequences ever, as the representative of the company which needs to dispose of […]

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Possessor (2020)

Like Father like son? Not necessarily, but David Cronenberg’s son Brandon does seem to have a fair amount of talent himself. Yes, I know when we think of the sons of superstar movie makers going into the family business, we do tend to think of Patrick Wayne or (*shudder*) Jaden Smith, but the truth is […]

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The Nightmare Man (1981)

I’ve been looking for this one for a long time. Robert Holmes was one of the greatest — if not the greatest — writer who worked on Doctor Who. He was script editor during the classic Phillip Hinchcliffe era and wrote some of the series best episodes, including Carnival of Monsters, Pyramids of Mars, The […]

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Foes (1977)

It’s always a pleasant surprise when someone locates some forgotten but interesting little film and makes it available once again.  In this case, Garagehouse Pictures turned up this minor gem, an independent film directed by a young man who would become a special effects expert, which no one noticed during its brief UK theatrical run […]

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Ghost Source Zero (2017)

I am in the minority on this one. Ghost Source Zero has generally received rather poor reviews and I’ll admit you could list quite a catalog of flaws if you chose. But then, that’s true of a lot of low-budget and Independent films. However, this is a remarkably intelligent film, filled with all sorts of […]

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Turkey Shoot (1982)

(aka Escape 2000, Blood Camp Thatcher) Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Running Man is a copy of this film. Now we all know it didn’t have too much to do with the novel by “Richard Bachman” (aka Stephen King) as the plot, characters and settings are so different. Nor is it really all that close to Robert […]

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