Alien Uprising (2008)

Look, there are some things that bother you so much that you have to say them right out: There is one thing no hard core special forces officer will do.  Not ever. It’s a question of discipline and morale.  Commissioned officers do NOT enter into sexual relationships with enlisted men in their chain of command. […]

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Canaries (2017)

It’s simple, really. Time travelling aliens are out there, carrying out a long series of incursions that are part of some larger plan.  They’ve sent us a warning about their next attack,  a photo from a small and rather unsuccessful New Year’s Eve party in a tiny Welsh town some months in the future. Months later, […]

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Cypher (2002)

I’ll confess it does sound odd, but this was the first movie by Vincenzo Natali I ever saw. In fact, it took me some time after I saw this one before I finally caught up with Cube, even though that was the film everyone remembers him for.  As my local video store had a copy […]

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Biohazard (1985)

Fred Olen Ray has a well earned reputation for making bad films. If you have any doubts on that score, check out The Alien Dead, which somehow avoids having any aliens, dead or alive.  I’ll concede that some of his films aren’t all bad, like Deep Space, although I might be more lenient towards it because of […]

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Jason X (2001)

What happens when a horror franchise dies? Well, it ain’t pretty. Of course, we know that any horror franchise is like the legendary Jason Vorhees himself and will continue to rise again from the dead no matter how many times he’s been chopped, diced, mashed, pureed or flambeed.  It just goes with the territory.  And […]

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Upgrade (2018)

Gray, a gifted mechanic who loves the old cars they built before everything was computerized, was left a quadriplegic after criminals attacked him and killed his wife.  His best customer gives him a revolutionary new AI computer chip implant that will allow him to walk.  But Gray discovers that the chip can talk to him […]

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