Johnny 2.0 (1997)

It wasn’t until I’d seen this one the whole way through that I realized how much it was like a certain 1992 SF movie starring Emilio Estevez.  Certainly, the ending is the same.

Which is funny because any short description would make these two sound completely different.

This one was a TV movie which ran on the SciFi network back in its earlier – and better – days, and while we do see a lot of recycled visuals from Blade Runner (even those giant pyramid buildings) it gives us a richly imagined cyberpunk future, full of strange new technologies, like the genetically engineered radio tracker in the hero’s body.

Thrust into all this is a new clone who has been given the memories of his original – but those memories are fifteen years old, which leaves him a stranger in a world where the governments have collapsed and the big corporations rule the Earth.  Now he has to find his original before his cloned body fails.

It moves fast, the ideas are interesting, and Jeff Fahey gives a particularly solid performace as the various Johnnies.  It is also a plus to see John Neville in a small but crucial role.   All in all, this is a solid, SF thriller, with enough complexities to make it interesting, a good cast and enough surprises to get you to the end.  It’s definitely worth a bowl of popcorn and a viewing with any SF fanatics you know.




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