Dune World [Sand World] (2021)

Time for a grumpy old man rant: There is nothing in the realm of science fiction — whether in print, a movie, or even in comics form — which bugs the hell out of me more than having a future/alien/distant past society based around some notion which was obviously invented just to sound cool.  Or […]

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The Questor Tapes (1974)

I suspect that a lot of Star Trek fans have wondered what happened to Gene Roddenberry after the original series ended.  After all, it would be a decade before Star Trek: The Motion Picture debuted, and his involvement in the Animated Series seems to have been minimal. In fact, he wrote a script for the […]

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Blue Sunshine (1977)

(Honorable Mention) When you go out in search of the lost and forgotten treasures of Science Fiction cinema, you end up following a lot of strange byways and cul-de-sacs. What led me to this one was Jeff Lieberman, a director who made a few interesting films in the late Seventies and Eighties.  He has a […]

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Krakatit (1948)

I’ll admit it, I was stunned.  This film surprised me. Now I’ve known that this adaptation of the novel by Karel Čapek existed for a long time, but missed my chance some years ago to watch it on Youtube with subtitles.  I’ve looked for it at times, but I’ll admit that I didn’t put too […]

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