Reel Monsters (2022)

It must be something about Bigfoot. Here’s one of the best movies I’ve seen from The Polonia Brothers — the legendary Grade Z filmmakers who’ve made an incredible number of memorably bad but surprisingly addictive DIY shot on video films for well over thirty years.  It’s almost as good as Among Us (2004), which I consider […]

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Under the Mountain (1981)

A TV series from New Zealand was shown in the United States? And only two years after it ran back home? I suppose stranger things have happened. Of course, at the time, Nickleodeon was still in its earliest stages, and desperate for low priced children’s shows to present.  One of their offerings was The Third […]

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Hide and Seek (1984)

A series of mysterious computer disruptions occur in a number of completely unrelated systems — including a bank, a power company, and a nuclear reactor.  This baffles the authorities and the technical experts, as it seems that someone has hacked the unhackable control program that is at the center of the software they all use, […]

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Patalghar (2003)

(Literal translation:  The Underground Chamber) It’s hard to believe this is a children’s film. I mean, look at the beginning of this film: darkness, and a deep, resonant surge of sound, glimpses of the mechanism of a Planetarium, alternating with a steady beeping and elegant Bengali script against blackness.  In the heart of it all, […]

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D.A.R.Y.L. (1985)

I didn’t watch this one back in the Eighties. It’s really not that hard to understand: the trailers made it look like a silly kids’ film, and it wasn’t that hard to see that it was, well, “inspired” by E.T. Oh, and probably by WarGames as well as it involved artificial intelligence. But for some […]

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