Cycle (2012)

It is hard to even begin to write about this one.

After all, what we have here is a very strange Art House Science Fiction movie, jam packed with incredible imagery and following a decidedly non-linear course through what seems almost a simple story — if it weren’t so complicated.

A man has been sent back in time to stop a terrible disaster before it starts — or is he merely entering a simulation that runs through all the possibilities in a fraction of a second?

A deadly fog is rapidly closing in, the people he talks to keep saying very different things and every attempt he makes to reach the machine he may — or may not — be trying to shut down ends back where he started.

This is a dazzling film, which begins and ends with what looks like 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s slit-screen stargate lightshow, and stops along the way to take a walk through a recreation of one of main locations from that same film.

Some people have called this an animated film, as its director, Zoltan Sostai, created its imagery on computer, and used motion capture to animate his characters.  My eye says that many of the scenes do seem to have been shot live (notably the party scene early in the film).  I suppose, in the end, that it doesn’t matter how he made it, as the results are bizarre, colorful and unique.  

This film isn’t for everyone.  Many will just dismiss it as sheer confusion and fail to recognize the guiding intelligence and underlying plan beneath it all.  This is, ultimately, a film that makes sense…

Or at least almost makes sense.

For those who are open to formal experimentation, non-linear plots and the sorts of curious things found only in Art House film (and not generally in low budget SF film festival favorites) Cycle is a wild trip.

But it is also, at heart, a thought-provoking SF film that will please most hardcore Science Fiction fans, particularly those who enjoy some of the more challenging films in the genre.

Either way, it is worth a look.

And, best of all, Zoltan Sostai has just posted his film for free on Vimeo!

If this sounds like your sort of film, I think you’ve just run out of excuses for not watching it.

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