Code 7 [Código 7] 2002

If you asked me what the best SF film of the Nothings was, I might hesitate for a moment over Minority Report, toy with the notion of suggesting Signs just to thumb my nose at the general level of hate directed towards M. Night Shyamalan, or perhaps go with something truly strange like the brilliant anime, Redline.

But in the end, I suspect my final choice would be this quirky short film from the wild and crazy world of Nacho Vigalondo.

Vigalondo, who won an Oscar for his short 7:35 in the Morning  (and made it impossible ever to see a musical in the same light again), and has since gone on to make Time Crimes, Extraterrestrial and Open Windows, here indulges in a piece of film minimalism that calls to mind Chris Marker’s radically different minimalist short, La Jetee.  In the process, he created what is probably the best Phillip K. Dick film ever made – perhaps because it has nothing to do with any of Dick’s stories.

The best way to experience the film is as a serial, watching each episode separately for the maximum effect.  It seems impossible that there is anywhere left to go after the first episode, yet he manages to turn the whole film on its ear – only to repeat it even more radically in the final episode.  Truly amazing.

But then, the only thing more fun than watching one of Nacho’s films is wondering what the heck he’s going to come up with next.



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