The Caller (1987)

Yes, it is a good, interesting, well-written film.  And yes, it was put out by Charles Band’s Empire Pictures.  These things do happen, you know.

The Caller has all the purity of a two-man play.  Malcolm McDowell is the stranger who visits a young woman (Madolyn Smith) who lives in lonely house in the woods and begins a strange series of mind games with her.  Is he a detective, did she murder her husband, why did she lie about her car, what happened to her daughter, and why does he start giving her points for her stories?

The twists, turns and mind games come fast and furious, only to arrive at a stunning, last minute twist that carries it neatly into the realm of science fiction.

What’s more, unlike far too many of these head trip movies, it holds up on repeated viewings.  It’s a shame no one much remembers it, though.  It is one of those films that deserves to be far better known.

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