Terminal Entry (1987)

Honorable (mostly) Mention   Now there’s a rare piece of truth in Advertising. I know it is hard to believe, but this poster sums up Terminal Entry with uncanny accuracy. After all, right up front, we have soldiers and explosions.  Then, in the center a giant computer screen.  And looming over that… A kid in […]

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Nainteîn [19] (1987)

(aka, XIX) I should know by now that you just can’t rely on the advertising. Consider the movie 19: if you read the plot summaries of the film that are out there (and yes, the plot descriptions you find on a movie site are almost always written by the studio, particularly when every review uses […]

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Mind Benders (1987)

(aka, Invasion of the Mindbenders, Alien High) All right, I admit it.  The biggest question I have when it comes to Canadian films from the Eighties is “How in the world did this get made?” Now, I’ll admit that my point of view probably reflects the fact that, yes, the distinctively Canadian films from the […]

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Death Run (1987)

Back in the Eighties, the world kept ending. However, it didn’t always have a big budget. It’s not hard to see that Mad Max and The Road Warrior inspired a lot of these films.  However, most of these post-Apocalyptic epics seemed to come out of Italy, with a few assorted examples from the U.S. and […]

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Terminus (1987)

What would you get if you remade The Road Warrior (aka, Mad Max 2) as a French artfilm? Well, it would be pretty strange.  Maybe as strange as Terminus. Except that the world of Terminus is not really post-Apocalyptic.  The one major city we see looks beautiful and largely undamaged, even if its residents look […]

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