Droid Gunner [Cyberzone] (1995)

This is one of those films where you pretty much know what you get just by looking at the cast and crew list:  Fred Olen Ray directed?  Marc Singer starred?  Brinke Stevens gets prominent billing?  It was produced by Roger Corman’s New Horions Pictures?

It must be a cheap SF/fantasy action film with plenty of skin!

And that’s about what we get.  Marc is a bounty hunter who kills runaway androids, a profession which comes complete with a catchy nickname (no, NOT Blade Runner), there’s a bevy of stolen sex droids and the usual sinister villain.

There’s a lot of nudity and sex talk, a plot about Marc getting sent after a group of replicants…I mean “sex droids”…who have been smuggled onto the Earth where they are illegal, and an underwater city for the bad guy to rule.

Brinke shows up as a catgirl at the strip club where a lot of the film takes place (for the usual obvious reasons) and the hero isn’t asked to do a lot to unravel the mystery.

And, of course, we get the expected space battle scene borrowed from Battle Beyond the Stars.

Marc Singer became almost famous for Beastmaster, then went on to star in all of the original V mini- and maxi- series.  Then he ended up playing in endless cheap action and SF films like this one.  It’s hard to call that a fall, exactly.

Perhaps the best part of the film is the smuggler played by Matthias Hues, who has to remind his cargo constantly that “I never sample the merchandise.”  He is perhaps best remembered as the alien in I Come In Peace [Dark Angel].  Here he comes with an imposing physical presence, a touch of humor, and definite personal appeal.

It all ends with a three-way gun battle timed by a musical watch, which was stolen from the Clint Eastwood classic, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  It is, however, barely explained, and, if you haven’t seen the original, you may need to wait until they start shooting to figure out what’s going on.

It isn’t much, but then it never tried to be.

But it did give Fred an opportunity to show off a lot of bare boobs.

Which is what really matters here.

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