Bugs (2003)

When I watch one of the SciFi (now “Syfy”) network’s collection of “originals.” the first question i ask is, “which movie are they ripping off this time?” Yeah, we know they do make the odd film or two which is actually original.  But that’s a lot like finding a rare coin in your pocket change.  […]

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Python (2000)

Explanations. Let’s face it, they’re always a problem.  I mean, some giant beast goes stomping through your neighborhood and the next thing you know, everyone wants to know where it came from. What a nuisance. A lot of B Monster Movies have run aground on this problem, whether they tried too hard, or couldn’t be […]

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Star Runners (2009)

Yes, we’ve seen this one before. At least, pieces of it.  Little pieces of it.  Lots of little pieces of it.  Lots and lots of very familiar bits and pieces. Not that they were ever quite in this order before. But what the heck, it’s fun anyway. Now, before you risk watching this one, you […]

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Terminal Invasion (2002)

It’s almost enough to make you want to cry. Here’s a SciFi Network movie from the days when they were still orthographically correct, which is as entertaining a “B” movie as you could ask for.  What’s more, it was even made specifically for the network and wasn’t — like some of their better offerings — […]

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Night Feeders (2006)

This one was far better than I expected. On the face of it, one expects Night Feeders to be just another ultra cheap made-on-a shoestring-with-help-from-the-neighbors  sort of horror film.  We’ve seen a lot of those, and it doesn’t appear to fall too far from the formula.  A group of friends go out into the woods […]

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Johnny 2.0 (1997)

It wasn’t until I’d seen this one the whole way through that I realized how much it was like a certain 1992 SF movie starring Emilio Estevez.  Certainly, the ending is the same. Which is funny because any short description would make these two sound completely different. This one was a TV movie which ran on the […]

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Plug (1998)

Back in 2000, the SciFi Network (yes, they spelled it right back then) had a short-lived short film show called Exposure.  It showed a mixture of SF, horror, fantasy and experimental films. It was one of those shows I always taped because of the large amount of padding – and because there really weren’t a lot of good SF […]

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