The Search for Simon (2013)

Martin Gooch was just starting to get noticed for his marvelous debut film, Death (aka, After Death) when the Sci Fi London film festival decided to crowdsource their first feature film  – with Gooch at the helm.

It’s a gentle little comedy about a young man, who has spent his life trying to find his brother Simon who was kidnapped by aliens.

David seems to spend his every waking hour on the quest, what with his website, the flyers he hands out, and the many trips he takes trying to find evidence for the existence of extraterrestrials – and is squandering his money on dubious tips provided by a devious researcher.

His obsession has chased away most of his friends, and he can’t even join in a fantasy game or a WWII recreation without trying to turn it into science fiction.

Will he ever find Simon?  Why is he really searching for his brother?  What happened to Simon? and is there any hope that he can manage to hit it off with the nice young girl he just met?

All in all, a genial and often absurd Britcom, with a great cast of familiar faces (Sophie Aldred, Carol Cleveland, Simon Jones and Gooch himself in the lead role).

But is The Search for Simon a SF film?  I’m afraid I’m going to have to let you figure that one out for yourself.  And maybe Martin Gooch’s answer to that question is delivered with a little bit of a wink.

(For other, similar if unique British SF comedies, see here).


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