Survivor (2014)

There’s not a lot to say about this one.

It’s yet another direct to video effort, with Kevin Sorbo in his increasingly familiar role as the wise and avuncular Captain, although looking a lot more tired than he used to (am I the only one who’s noticed that he’s starting to look a lot like the aging David Carradine?).  However, he gets very little screen time and spends most of it lying on his back looking ill.  Which he does far too well.

Instead, the focus is on his favorite student, Kate (Danielle Chuchran), who spends the largest chunk of the film stranded alone on a hostile planet, running, climbing mountains, riding horses, shooting arrows and fighting monsters of various sorts.  And to be fair, as long as her trek is the main focus the film is at its most interesting.

We’ve got a band of Mad Max-ish survivors living on the planet, lots of very obvious guy-in-a-suit monsters who are obviously supposed to be Morlocks without the glowing eyes but with rather more horns, and a single, CGI spike covered monster which actually looks pretty good as long as it doesn’t move much.  However, the wild Oregon scenery is even more of a visual treat, and probably should be billed right up there with Kevin.

But eventually, other actors end up on the screen with Kate, and the film loses what little spark it had.

It isn’t so much bad as merely blah, like making a batch of pudding and discovering after you start eating it that you forgot to add the vanilla.  You might not be missing much, but you still know you’re missing it.

Oh, well, it’s bound to show up on SyFy one of these days, where it’ll look better than it would otherwise.  It is better than yet another Corman produced SF-tinged disaster film.  It’s even moderately entertaining – if you don’t ask too much of it.

It’s just bland, that’s all.

(Movie available here).



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